A sampling of a 50th Anniversary Toast.

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Is it really 50 years since that marvelous day when Chicago’s own lovable Irish-English all-American hothead married his lovely bride who admits to being 80% German and a fifth of Scotch?

Amazing but true.

Yep, Art Kennedy & Gerry Schmeltzer, aka mom and dad, have been married fifty – five-oh — years. So it’s more than half a century since young Gerry admired the robust and rugged football and baseball star of high school. And likewise, when good looking Art first shyly ogled at the sweet and emminently attractive church-going cutie.

They fell for each other like a ton of bricks and dad, ever the romantic, proposed to mom from Germany – where he was stationed with the Army. He sent her a native German cuckoo clock – and within that thing was hidden an engagement ring. Mom received her package, opened it…and yawned. Dad waited for mom’s response…and he waited…and waited. Finally, he called her up. “Nice clock,” she said.

Dad couldn’t believe it. “Did you make it work yet?” She said no. He roared, “Make the cuckoo come out!” She did…and along with the call of the cuckoo came, wrapped carefully…lovingly…in tin foil…a ring that sealed the deal forever.


Custom Poetry

Anniversary toast


Dear Amy,
"What an absolutely perfect anniversary tribute to my parents. It was heartfelt in all sentimental ways. I'm still crying. Thank you so very much!"
Sincerely, Abby G., Brookline, MA.

Dear Amy,
"Thank you so much for the lovely 50th Anniversary poem for my in-laws. At the anniversary dinner in Niagara Falls, nine of the grandkids each got up and read a part of the poem. It was a heartfelt and lovingly meaningful tribute that will remain a highlight for them for many years to come."
Sincerely, Michele D., Queens, NY.

Thank you very much for all your kind words!
Amy Miller, owner and founder of PoemsToGo.