Testimonials from PoemsToGo Customers

Below is a small selection of feedback I have received from many customers over the years. I look forward to writing for you too.

I’m gushing over this anniversary poem as it is fantastic! I love it!! Thank you so much!! What a fantastic service you provide. You captured all the points and incorporated the feelings. I'm so happy and touched!! And the turnaround time was unbelievable."
Thank you very much, Janet

"Dear Amy,
I received the memorial speech and it is very touching, especially the part of my husband and our son and grandson. I really appreciate what you did for me. I am sure that everyone will be as touched by the speech as I am.
Sincerely, Sylvia

"Dear Amy,
That candle lighting poem that you wrote for me for my bar mitzvah was out-of-this-world! I think it's amazing how you were able to write all those stanzas about my family and friends -- like you knew me for my whole life! I was a little nervous when I first got up and started to read it. But having your terrific poem right in front of me made it a lot easier. It sure was wonderful to hear so many people laughing and seeing their smiling faces. I felt like a super star! So thanks a big bunch. My bar mitzvah day was tops and your candlelighting poem was a big part of it all!"
Best, Charles Rubinstein

"Thanks again Amy for the wonderful birthday poem; this is the second time I have used your talent and I think you are so wonderful to work with!"
- Very truly yours, Jan.

"Dear Amy:
I thought both the letter and the poem were very nice. I bet your work will win her back. Once again, thanks for helping out on short notice and during a weekend. I appreciate your work."
- Sincerely, Stan

"Dear Amy:
You don't know how much your birthday poem means to me. After all, what do you do for a sister at age 90! It brought tears to my eyes and I hope I will be able to read it on her birthday without choking up."
- Sincerely, Rita

"Dear Amy,
I love my wedding poem. I can not wait to recite it to my fiance who I know will think it is fantastic!"
- Best wishes, Barbara

"Dearest Amy,
As tears fall with a warm heart, I want you to know how very special this poem is to me!!!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! I look forward to asking you for a speech for this baby's baptism!!! Thanks again!!!"
- Salvina

"I love my 50th birthday poem! Couldn't be better! I'm beaming! Thank you again and again."
- Stephanie

WOW! I was in tears at the end of the poem you created. I cannot thank you enough...truly perfect in every way! "
- Best, Robert

"Hi Amy.
Oh my goodness I love it!!!! I am so pleased, you captured everything we wanted to convey. I know this poem will be a treasure for years to come us all. You did outstanding job and I just can't thank you enough. This is the second poem I have received from you and I will use you again. You have a unique gift and I will be sure to pass your name and website along to others."
- Sincerely, Stacey

"Thank you Amy-
I love it! i appreciate you getting this written on short notice. i know my parents are going to love it. Thanks very much!"
- Very truly yours, Maria

"Dear Amy,
This poem looks Great. You made this Marine very happy and our anniversary very special."
Thank you. - Sincerely, Timothy

"Dear Amy,
Thank you so much for this absolutely fantastic anniversary speech. I sit here with tears in my eyes and I know that they will just love it! You are amazing! Thank you thank you!"
- Sincerely, Angie

"Dear Amy,
This poem may be someone else's scripting but the words and stories are from your two beautiful hearts. I will hang the poem on the wall next to my 60th birthday picture. I will have to get little windshield wipers for my glasses whenever I read it."
- Thank you very much, Richard

"Dear Amy,
I love the poem - its beautiful and my recommendation from my sister-in-law was sensational - you truly are fabulously talented! Fabulous fabulous fabulous!!! All of my friends that i have shown think this is the most amazing gift and that again you are extremely talented! They cannot wait to have the excuse to also use your services."
- Sincerely, Shyrelle

"Hi Amy,
My husband, Chris, and I LOVE the poem. It couldn't be more perfect for the occasion. Of course, I got weepy reading it and that was the intention. I really wanted the poem to touch a special place in our hearts. You are very talented and thanks for making one of our obligations that evening SO much easier."
- With much appreciation, Tracy

"Dear Amy,
Thank you for the birthday poem. I look forward to reciting it this weekend. You are so talented and it's great that you can turn it to blessing to people all around the world."
- Sincerely, Amy

OH MY GOD! This is just wonderful birthday poem. You have really hit this out of the park. It's hilarious and just captures everything - You are truly gifted. I can not thank you enough."
- Sincerely, Kirsty

The retirement poem is beautiful. Thank you so much. I get tears in my eyes everytime I read it."
- With great appreciation, Diane

"I recommend Poems To Go for any occasion! I gave my in-laws a surprise 50th wedding anniversary party. One of my friends referred me to this website. The service was fast and the poem was great!!! It was a hit with everyone!! It was also a pleasure to work with Amy. She was extremely accommodating!"
- Sincerely, Jackie