Stationery Options

Here are our stationery selections. If you would like your poem printed on our custom stationery, simply pick your favorite when you place your order. If you do not wish to have stationery, your poem or speech will be emailed to you. For any questions, please contact us today.


Hello Amy,
"I just returned from an all days meeting and found your fabulous speech and toast in my email. It is just great! I love how you write. Thank you. I will be sure to use you for the many speeches I do at customer events in the future! You have a special gift! "
Sincerely, Joan L. Chicago, IL. November 13, 2016

Dear Amy,
"Our general manager was retiring and we arranged one of those dinners to honor him. But we still needed something else. We needed a special tribute to a guy we all admire so much. A guy who did so much for us. Your poem was perfect. It hit all the right notes -- the laughter, the emotion and all the good feeling. It was one of the highlights of an extraordinary night."
Warren M., Boston, MA

Thank you very much for all your kind words!
Amy Miller, owner and founder of PoemsToGo.