Sympathy Speeches

In one's moment of grief, sometimes it is difficult to come up with appropriate words to say. From the composition of a eulogy, to sending your love to the family of the bereaved, words sometimes fail us.

Here at Poems To Go, we will try to make a difficult time more bearable with the preparation of an original memorial speech. Take, for instance, the speech below.

Dear Amy, "I received the speech and it is fantastic. I couldn’t have done it without you. I really appreciate what you did for me. I am sure that everyone will be as touched by the speech as I am."

Here is a sympathy poem I wrote in memory of a very special man.

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I look forward to hearing from you and to writing your speech. For any questions, by all means, please feel free to get in touch today.

In Memory of Johnny

I want to thank you all, from my heart, for being here today. To Sam and Eddie, special thanks for taking the dream of this, the Johnny Pendleton Memorial Ride, and making it a reality. You know, this is just the kind of event in which Johnny would LOVE to participate. And I can tell you all – he IS here…in my heart and, I'm sure, in lots of other hearts.

I'm not telling you anything new with this, but Johnny loved to ride. We were really into it. We were members of the Raven Harley Owners Group for 10 years. “Red” and all the others members were – and ARE – just the greatest.

And we were members of the Smithville Motorcycle Club; where we made so many wonderful friends – and enjoyed so many great events, like that annual anniversary party, for instance.

Johnny and I took a lot of great trips together. One in particular was very special. We hit the road with Sam and with our dear friends, John and Christine to Milwaukee for the 100th Anniversary Harley Davidson bash. What a time we had! Cross-country biking…then non-stop partying in Milwaukee. Best of all, I think, that trip gave Johnny and Sam some real quality time. For all of us, it was an unforgettable experience.

I think the trip that touched me the most, that showed Johnny's soft and sweet character the best, was when we took off for New Hampshire and Vermont. We got to Mount Washington and Johnny, of course, had to drive up that auto road – all 6,228 feet of it – to the very top of the mountain. Johnny loved heights. About as much as I HATE them. Well, I knew how much he wanted to make that drive and I was NOT going to disappoint him. So I bit my lip and I bit my nails and off we went. Up, up and up. I tell you, that road was VERY narrow and there are no guard rails. I was scared to death. Johnny saw how scared I was and he felt badly. He didn't want me to be scared. He NEVER wanted me to be scared. So he stopped the car and tried to calm me down. He even wanted to turn back for me. But I said no, for HIM. Let's keep going! I said. So off we went. Higher and higher. I stuck my head between my knees and sealed my eyes shut. We made it up that mountain top and Johnny had a great old time. I sat in the car, frozen with fear and with cold. It was August and when we set out that morning the temperature was a delightful 80 degrees. But on top of that mountain it was 30. But I did it; for Johnny. And you know what? When I DID open my eyes, at Johnny's prompting, of course, the view was breathtaking. Like being in heaven, I guess.

You know, I told you before how scared I was driving up that damned Mt. Washington. But the trip DID inspire me to select the words that are now etched on Johnny's and MY gravestone. It's from Isaiah 40:31 and it goes like this:

They shall soar up, with wings, as eagles.

That's us, folks. That's my beautiful Johnny and me. That's our life together. We lived hard. We rode free. We got everything out of each day.

I have no regrets. All I have is a wonderful life, with a wonderful man,and a wonderful family, friends and memories. All I have, I guess is everything.

So thank you for being here. For sharing Johnny. For remembering him so dearly. And let me finish this the way Johnny and I finished thousands of talks and meetings and feelings over the years. To each and every one of you, and to my dear, amazing Johnny, I say: Love ya.