A sampling from a Happy Birthday Speech.

Before I say anything else, I’d like to say this to my lovely wife, Trish: Surprise!

I sure hope we pulled it off – the surprise, I mean – for Trish’s big 40th birthday bash. You know, it’s not an easy thing to fool my wife – not that I would know first hand, of course. You see, Trish has a lot of detective in her blood. I mean it. Her dad and her brother are both retired police detectives and Trish, the snoop, often thinks that she’s one, too.

What can I tell you folks about my wife? About life with Trish? Plenty.

We met on a blind date and I have to say I was a little bit captivated right off the bat by her dirty blonde hair, her bright blue eyes and, maybe most of all, her freckles. In all honesty, I’ll make an important confession: In a way, I have always looked down on Trish – but only because she’s 5'2 and I’m 6'5. The truth is, I have always felt a world of respect for her – not to mention a world of love.

She’s strong willed and feisty, and altogether excellent at her work – where she’s a patient relations and geriatric care specialist at Mass General Hospital. As a kid she was a fabulous older sister – in ways, more like a mother – to her brother Sean and her sisters Meghan and Mary. She’s always a devoted, loving daughter to her wonderful mom and dad, Nora and John.

Today she’s a world class mother to our marvelous kids, Collin and Gwen. Her family means the most.

The funny thing is this: Everybody tends to think that Trish is kind of uptight and high strung. But I’m here to tell you she can also take a walk on the wild side. She’s capable of doing very silly things...and they’re hysterical. Like the time, we were dating then, she ran into the bedroom, jumped onto the bed and then somehow slipped off the bed and banged right into the wall. She was ok, thank goodness, but like I said, it was hysterical. And that, in its way, is vintage Trish.

She loves the beach and books, especially romantic fiction. She’s into fine dining and vacations, and she adores talking to and dealing with old people – which sure comes in handy when you’re a geriatric professional. She sniffles a lot, and she has this charming, hysterical way of looking surprised – she raises her eyebrows AND her ears.

She has her quirky side, too. For instance, she names her cars – and she talks to them. Some of her most enchanting conversations have been with the likes of Eddy the Edge, Lucy the Liberty, Maisey the Mercedes and, let us not forget, Nelly the Neon.


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