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Birthdays come and go so fast that it’s sure nice to celebrate them all. My birthday speeches run from three to five minutes in length and have been met with lots of praise. When Rosemary asked me to compose a 50th birthday speech to deliver at her husband’s birthday, she first completed my questionnaire so I had her fun details from which to work. She said the result was “wonderful.”

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Happy 50th Bruce

Today is really a great day. A day of celebration, all in honor of my husband Bruce and his fiftieth birthday. Bruce and I have been married just four years, but all four have been the greatest in so many ways.

We met at work and we were friends for about three years before we started dating. Then we got married and moved to Cuba—which, I must say, was an incredible experience. As they say, we were strangers in a strange land, and as a result, we had to depend upon each other in all kinds of ways. Through it all, we became as close as any two people can be. And it was marvelous.

Bruce is really a special guy. And he is known for showing incredible heart and sensitivity and love. For instance, while we were in Cuba, I broke my collar bone and had to endure rather intricate surgery. Bruce never left my side through it all. He even slept in the hospital room with me.

It’s really amazing, this bond that Bruce and I feel. I don’t know. Maybe it’s our connection from way back, long before we even actually met. You see, Bruce and I both come from Moose Jaw. But we didn’t meet until later on in Calgary. In all ways, in any way, he’s really quite a guy.

He has boundless energy and that’s good because he works hard all the time. He’s a veteran of the oil patch and he has worked all over the place, managing all kinds of large oil and gas construction projects. And he’s a man of sweeping interests, too. He loves to camp and we go together many times, in our motorhome. He loves his motorbike, too. And his guitar. And singing. And hockeywhich he played when he was young, courtesy of a college scholarship, and later on for the Moose Jaw Canucks.

He loves his model airplanes and his handyman projects that are always going on in our garage.

But most of all, I’d say he loves his family. Bruce’s 3 kids from his first marriage, Krystle and the twins, Robby and Riley, along with my Chad, make for a wonderful, joyful, sometimes hectic home life. Right now, in fact, Bruce is busy, typically giving of himself to Robby and Riley. They’re starting a business and Bruce is mentoring, financing and being a big help in a lot of ways. That’s Bruce.

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Hi Amy. Oh my goodness I love it. I’m so pleased that you captured everything we wanted to convey. I know this speech will be a treasure for years to come.

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