Original Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Speeches

A bar mitzvah is a wonderful rite, a real coming of age. According to Jewish custom, this is when a boy becomes a man (a bat mitzvah is the same wonderful celebration for girls).

It's a big occasion for families, and a bar mitzvah speech is often one of the day's highlights. A parent's bar mitzvah speech to a child is a perfect opportunity for mom and dad to express their pride, their joy and their love. Our bar mitzvah speeches are based upon information that you provide. As a result, they're entirely original, written just for you. We infuse them with love, warmth and humor and the result is something you and your guests will enjoy in a heartfelt way.

Let PoemsToGo provide a super speech for your bar mitzvah celebration today. From the parents, from the child himself or from invited guests.

It's simple! Upon receipt of your order, you will receive a special bar mitzvah questionnaire. Please fill this out and email back to me. From your special details, we will write your speech. You can choose your speech length (ranging from 3 -5 minutes) on the Order page. We look forward to writing for you.

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Dear Amy, "What a bar mitzvah speech! I never could have written it so well. You incorporated all of the info we sent you into a masterpiece! Bravo! This will be remembered for many years to come."
Sincerely, Ceil

Amy, "It was such a time preparing for my daughter’s bat mitzvah as you can imagine. Having you there to write the speech took a huge burden off our shoulders. It was fabulous. Not a dry eye in the house!"
Thank you very much, Barbara

Bar Mitzvah Speech Sample

Below is a true-life example of a bar mitzvah speech which we hope you enjoy. This is just to give you a taste of what we can do for you. Each speech is an ORIGINAL, composed from your own information.

On this, Dylan's bar mitzvah day, I am one proud papa!

And not just because today officially marks Dylan's entree to the world of adulthood and manhood as specified by Jewish custom. But also because of the kind of person -- the kind of man -- that he is.

Dylan is a great guy. I'll try to be a little bit objective here, though it's certainly a father's prerogative to crow a little -- or, perhaps more appropriately, to kvell. But facts are facts, and Dylan has always been a sensitive, deep, caring young man.

There are times when he'll well up with emotion...like when he's talking about something that really captures his heart. His voice starts to quiver and there might even be a tear or two that appear in his eyes. That's how deeply this guy feels for the things that are important to him. I'm talking about things like Dylan's commitment to working with special needs children...which happens to be his bar mitzvah project.

Or the time in a school hallway between classes when another student dropped one of his books. He wasn't aware of it and he kept on walking. But Dylan saw it. He ran over, picked up the book and then ran with it to catch up to the book's owner. The principal found out about this deed and he gave Dylan a special award for thoughtfulness. It's fitting, believe me.

I'm also talking about more day-to-day things. Like when Dylan and I are sitting in the evening and watching television together. Out of nowhere, he'll come over, put his arms around me and give me a kiss. He's so special. In fact, I'll say it: He's priceless.

Take the time when Tara, Michael, a 5-year old Dylan and I were on vacation at a nice hotel. The boys went to the basketball court to do some shooting. It was Michael's turn and Dylan climbed all the way up to the backboard -- to try and swat away his big brother's shots. That was fun but the next step was even more fun: Dylan thought he could get DOWN by climbing right through the basket. Not quite. He got stuck right in the middle of the hoop. From that antic, today's bar mitzvah man was well-known to all as "Basketboy."

Dylan really loves sports. That's why it's perfectly appropriate for his bar mitzvah to have a sports theme. And believe me, during baseball season you'll find Dylan rooting -- audibly -- for his New York Yankees. Same goes for football and his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers. He's a fan in a big way. And true to his nature, he's as loyal as they come.

He's an unconditional animal lover and that's always a good thing - especially when you have a household, like ours, that counts 2 Golden Retrievers and 4 German Shepherds among its members.

He loves his video games, sleep away camp, hanging out with his friends, all kinds of movies and, of course, his sports -- including the aforementioned soccer, baseball, football and...skiing. And I'll have to say this, too: With his blonde hair and his blue eyes he's a dead ringer for his old man -- so on top of everything else, he's blessed with good looks!

And that's Dylan, Tara's and my beloved son and Michael's marvelous little brother. With all else going for him, today...he is a man -- not just according to his faith, but according to his character as well. Needless to say, we're very proud of you, Dylan.

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