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Our anniversary speeches for parents and anniversary speeches for grandparents are unforgettable. In truth, all anniversaries are special in their way. And whether you’re celebrating a 1st, a 25th, 50th anniversary or any anniversary, Poems To Go can help in a big way – by writing you an anniversary speech – from 3 – 5 minutes long – that the loving couple will cherish forever.

“You could have heard a pin drop in an otherwise noisy reception when I read this magical speech to the guests. It was beautiful!” – Many, many thanks, Angie

Your Poems To Go anniversary speech is a complete original. We’ll write it exclusively from information that you provide when you fill out our custom questionnaire. It’s all very quick and simple. Place your order and then get your questionnaire right away. Complete it, email it back to us and we’ll get to work at writing an anniversary speech you’ll all remember forever – with love and with joy.

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An Anniversary Speech Excerpt

Here is a true-life anniversary speech excerpt. As you know, all speeches are constructed from your own info. Enjoy this one. ORDER yours today.

Once upon a time, there were two special people known as Jerry and Al. Around here, of course, they're forever known as mom and dad.

Life was a blast growing up in East Cleveland. Little Al was a pistol, alright. There was one two-week stretch where his Mama would send him packing with lunch - but instead of going to school, Al and his friend played by the railroad tracks all day. Finally, the principal called Marianne, asking if little Al were alright. He learned his lesson but good. At least he never got caught playing hooky again. And he graduated from Shaw High School in 1956, immediately becoming a pipe fitter apprentice and a hard, loyal worker all his life.

But life wasn't all work. In fact, there was a party on October 12, 1956. Jerry was there and around midnight she was getting ready to leave…when Al walked in. They didn't speak but they noticed each other. And they rocked each other's world. Dad got mom's number and he called her the next day. Their first date was at Strawberry Lane in the Metroparks. They went for a ride in dad's Ford convertible and they walked and talked for hours. Dad even tried to kiss mom but she wouldn't let him. No matter…their hearts were on fire.


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Anniversary Poetry


Dear Amy,
"What an absolutely perfect anniversary tribute to my parents. It was heartfelt in all sentimental ways. I'm still crying. Thank you so very much!"
Sincerely, Abby G., Brookline, MA.

Dear Amy,
"I love the anniversary poem you created. It’s beautiful and my recommendation from my sister-in-law was sensational – you truly are fabulously talented! All of my friends that I have shown think this is the most amazing gift. They cannot wait to have the excuse to also use your services."
Shyrelle C., Dallas, TX., March 10, 2016

Thank you very much for all your kind words!
Amy Miller, owner and founder of PoemsToGo.