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Oh Amy, “THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for that wonderful wedding poem. I am somewhere between laughter and tears! It is absolutely perfect.” — With VERY best wishes, Carina, U.K.

Here's a Wedding Poem Excerpt

Dearest Peter Finch,
Husband-to-be of mine,
Just a little poem
To tell you you’re so fine.

Peter, such a lovely man,
So giving and warm of heart.
I can’t wait to marry you,
Our new life soon to start.

A life of joy and happiness
And plenty of adventure and fun,
Like our joyful weekend in Whitby
And our Florida days in the sun.

Oh, Peter, how I love you,
East, west, north and south.
I even love that quality of yours,
I’d call it “motor-mouth.”

To say you’re somewhat talkative,
And given to using the lip,
Is somewhat understated,
‘Cause you’re truly a talking pip.

Remember when you met my folks
And spoke for quite a while?
Then my sister turned to me
And said with a little smile:

“Lisa, he’s a good old guy,
So fine, truly a gent.
But we can’t understand of word from him
Because of his accent!”


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"Oh my gosh! What a great wedding poem you created, out of thin air – it seems, Amy. Thank you so much this is truly amazing. I’m so grateful for your tremendous help."
Sincerely, Rosanna, Westchester, NY.

Dear Amy,
"My sister's wedding was the best. And one of the best parts of it? The wedding poem that I read to my sister and her husband (that still sounds so funny to me!). Everybody loved it, especially Diane and Steve. I felt like a superstar after. Thank you so much. You're incredible!"
Carla B., Geneva, NY

Thank you very much for all your kind words!
Amy Miller, owner and founder of PoemsToGo.