Touching Wedding Poems in Rhyme

"Dear Amy, Thank you so much for the beautiful wedding poem you put together for me. It too, just as the two before, were outstanding and totally wonderful. I read it to about 125 people in the chapel and it totally put everyone in tears. You are truly the best!"

Most sincerely, Diane

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To have an older sister
Is a blessing and a curse.
It’s a little like a marriage:
For better and for worse.

From Birmingham, where we were born,
Our family moved us here,
Lisa, Mindy, Jennifer –
A trio that wise men fear!

When I was four and Mindy six,
We both played “Barber Shop.”
She put my hair in ponytails,
A dozen up on top.

Then “Barber Mindy” cut them off,
As if I were her toy.
(For several years after that day,
I looked more like a boy!)

We two were polar opposites,
With her rebellious streak,
While I became the president –
A Student Council geek.

The family “fashionista,”
Mindy loves a shopping aisle.
She’d past the stage where cowboy boots
And t-shirts were her style.

Mindy loves her Jason—
That’s no secret….but I know
That Jason’s not the only one
Who sets her heart aglow.

And Jason’s also guilty
Of divided deep emotion.
For Mindy, it’s her Lola,
While Misty’s his devotion.

It’s said that opposites attract.
Let’s put it to the test.
Our Mindy’s vegetarian
(She likes her broccoli best),

While he’s an All-American
Meat-and-potatoes guy,
And still their love is blazing,
Bright enough to light the sky.

Jason’s a major Dolphins fan.
With team stats, he’s in touch.
During the season, Mindy says
She doesn’t see him much.

But he’s converted her to be
Basketball’s fledgling fan,
So Mindy’s now the Heat’s new flame.
She cheers them with her man.

It’s true that punctuality
Is not where they excel.
They’re always fashionably late—
But fashionable, as well.

They’re physically fit and smartly dressed,
This ornamental paid,
But it’s their inner beauty
That makes us really care.

We wish them joy as newly-weds,
And then as man and wife
As they start the big adventure
Of their happily married life.