Honor Someone Special With a Retirement Poem

Nothing says farewell to a boss, teacher, school secretary, or anyone special like an original poem by Poems To Go.

We write our retirement poems from information that you provide about the star of the occasion, so you’ll get a poem that’s utterly unique.

So, place your order here or click the ORDER NOW button at the top of this page. Upon receipt, your special poetry questionnaire will arrive in your inbox. Just complete and email it back. We’ll use it to create a retirement poem – 15 stanzas in all – that all of you will never forget. We'll send it to you within 5 business days after we have received your completed questionnaire.

We’ll give you plenty of laughs and emotion; a real and personal tribute in verse. It’s the perfect way to say “thank you,” and “job well done.” Our poems are 15 stanzas long and when read aloud, they run roughly 1 minute in length.

Questions? Special requests? Just contact or phone Amy at 508-330-0028 today.

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Dear Amy,
"That is an absolutely fantastic retirement poem!!!!! I read it at the party we had for the boss and I tell you – I was a big hit. He loved it! What a perfect send off to a great guy. Thanks a million."
Peter S., San Francisco, CA.

Dear Amy,
"Our general manager was retiring and we arranged one of those dinners to honor him. But we still needed something else. We needed a special tribute to a guy we all admire so much. A guy who did so much for us. Your poem was perfect. It hit all the right notes -- the laughter, the emotion and all the good feeling. It was one of the highlights of an extraordinary night."
Warren M., Boston, MA

Thank you very much for all your kind words!
Amy Miller, owner and founder of PoemsToGo.