90th Birthday Poems

Got a parent, grandparent or special friend turning 90? Wish them the happiest big birthday with an original verse, a unique poem written just for you by Poems To Go.

We promise from-your-heart birthday poetry that you, and they will remember with joy forever.

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A 90th Birthday Poem Excerpt

Dear Great Grandpa Ed,
So loved in every way.
Now, with joy, we celebrate
Your 90th birthday!

How long is 90 years?
In two words: A lot!
Great Grandpa Ed's the greatest guy
The world has ever got!

He still looks great, you know,
And this is extraordinaire:
Unlike many other older folks
He still has his hair!

Grew up back in Walnut Park,
Then on to Spanish Lake.
Where his fruit trees and flowers
Grow the best, for goodness sake!

He married Great Grandma Jean,
Their "discussions" are out of sight.
And best of all, at the end,
Each one is always "right."

Gramps worked as a cement mason,
Then he taught when he retired.
Who knows how many current cement guys
Our great grandpa inspired?

His tomatoes are really famous,
And if you ask for a pound, for fun,
You'll get the biggest, juiciest tomato;
That's right -- a pound is one!

Love from all the great grandchildren


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Dear Amy,
"How do you do it? Your birthday poem was the absolute hit of Lenny’s party. Turning 70 kind of freaked him out – but your poem had him laughing and, yes, crying, with joy. Everybody loved it. But no one more than me. Thank you. We’ll be in touch again whenever the right occasion arrives."
Robin Z., Chicago, IL.

"You made Leon's birthday the best party we ever had. That speech was a highlight of everything. We all loved it - but no loved it more than the birthday boy! Thanks so much."
Katrina F., Stockholm, Sweden

Thank you very much for all your kind words!
Amy Miller, owner and founder of PoemsToGo.