Original 50th Birthday Poems

Know what they say about a 50th birthday ? They say 50 is the old age of youth…and the youth of old age.

No matter what you say about a fiftieth birthday, we can all agree that it’s a big occasion in anyone’s life. For a spouse, a child, a parent, a dear friend or anyone, be sure to mark the occasion in a way that befits its importance – with an original 50th birthday poem from Poems To Go. Order yours.

Dear Amy, "Thank you for the poem. I look forward to reciting it this weekend. You are so talented and it's great that you can turn it to blessing to people all around the world." Sincerely, Amy

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We’ll give you a birthday poem that’s filled with humor, grace, eloquence and heart. And best of all, you know your poem will be an utter original – because we base it all on input that you provide in our quick, easy custom questionnaire. Why give them an off-the-rack greeting card when you can give them a one-in-a-million poem written just for them…and just from you?

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A Special 50th Birthday Poem Excerpt

Hooray for life,
No need to worry.
It’s birthday time
For Roy McMurray!

Let’s celebrate his 50 years
And do it like we oughter,
Come and share for all its worth
And make your way by water.

I’m thinking about my years with Roy,
Did I tell you how we met?
I’ll tell you now, it’s something
I really can’t forget.

I was working at Makoto’s,
A Japanese place for dinner.
When I spotted Roy – a customer
Who looked like a certain winner!

So I took a fortune from a cookie,
Replaced it with a new one.
Served it to him silently,
Then stepped back to watch all the fun.

The fortune I had written
Was to make this sweet man see.
"Lovely young female to enter your life,
And fulfill your wildest fantasies."


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Dearest Amy,
"What could I say - except Thank you! Your birthday poem blew 'em away at the party. It was hysterical and so right-on. Thanks a bunch for another perfect poem!"
Sincerely, Sylvia S., Chicago, IL.

"You made Leon's birthday the best party we ever had. That speech was a highlight of everything. We all loved it - but no loved it more than the birthday boy! Thanks so much."
Katrina F., Stockholm, Sweden