Original 50th Birthday Poems

Know what they say about a 50th birthday? They say 50 is the old age of youth…and the youth of old age.

No matter what you say about a fiftieth birthday, we can all agree that it’s a big occasion in anyone’s life. For a spouse, a child, a parent, a dear friend or anyone, be sure to mark the occasion in a way that befits its importance – with an original 50th birthday poem from Poems To Go. Order yours.

Dear Amy, "Thank you for the poem. I look forward to reciting it this weekend. You are so talented and it's great that you can turn it to blessing to people all around the world." Sincerely, Amy Be sure to check out our testimonial page now.

We’ll give you a birthday poem that’s filled with humor, grace, eloquence and heart. And best of all, you know your poem will be an utter original – because we base it all on input that you provide in our quick, easy custom questionnaire. Why give them an off-the-rack greeting card when you can give them a one-in-a-million poem written just for them…and just from you?

It’s as easy as this: Just place your order and we’ll send your questionnaire right away. Please fill it out and then email it back to us. We’ll return your poem to you within 5 business days.

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Dear Amy,
Ali's 50th came and the big day was marvelous. Not only did the surprise work, but she was floored by the poem I read to her. I'll never forget her laughter and her tears of joy. I'll be in touch again. You can be sure of that.
Carl W., Surprise, AZ

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A sampling from a 50th Birthday Poem.

Sung to the tune of “Yankee Doodle Dandy”

Happy Birthday dear old Howie,
You’re a Great Neck kind of guy…
A real live macher into Auto Parts,
Business is growing, oh my!

Got a sweetie, your wife Frannie,
She’s so gorgeous, this is true…
Howard came to Kings Point and to Key Biscay-ayne…
Hey, Howie, happy birthday to you!

Howie, active at his golf game
At Old Westbury, the club…
But his feet are so sore they really ache so much,
Acupuncture, rub-a-dub!

Got a trio of sweet children,
David, Betsy, Debbie,
And Frannie in the house, takin’ charge it’s easy…
She has quite a leading role.

Howie, happy birthday fifty,
You are just a sweet old guy.
A real live mensch in every way that counts,
And wholesome as fresh baked rye.