Terrific Birthday Poems

For each and every one of us, a birthday is one of the biggest days of the year. For family, for friends, for the boss, for anyone or everyone close to your heart, nothing adds to the fun of it all like a custom birthday poem from Poems To Go.

Our expert writers can craft all kinds of personalized birthday greetings and poems. Working from information that you provide, we'll write birthday poems for moms, fathers, spouses, children, aunts, uncles or anyone.

So no matter who’s birthday you’re celebrating — and no matter which year it is - from the 1st to the 50th, and beyond to the 90th, etc. — call on Poems To Go to give you a birthday poem you’ll all remember with utter joy.

Each is an absolute original — because we write it from information that you provide in our quick, easy questionnaire. Our poems are 15 stanzas long (or longer if you want) and they’re always a lot of fun.

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A True-life Birthday Poem Excerpt

Happy birthday, dad!
At 80, you’re so fine.
Mickey, you’re the best,
In all ways, just divine.

Even as a kid,
A.M. had brains and heart.
The youngster from Atlanta,
Always worked hard – and smart.

His first job? He was five,
At the Temple Theater, you know.
Marvin the janitor gave him work,
So off to toil he’d go.

Dad would clean up the place,
Sweep between every seat.
That laid the groundwork beautifully,
For a work ethic that wouldn’t be beat.

His daily salary? A baloney sandwich,
And a coke to drink.
Plus all the change he found.
A great job, don’t you think?

Dad worked hard for everything,
Bought his first bike at 10 or 11.
It set him back 10 bucks,
But riding it was heaven.

He bought it on layaway, you know,
A dollar a week, for sure.
Uncle Ed loaned him four dollars,
To pay it off ever more.

Dad was always working,
It would always fit the bill.
After the Temple Theater,
On to the Grant Park Grill.

He made a quarter an hour,
Worked hard in every way.
And best of all, for Dad, the cook,
He could eat great all day!


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Birthday Poetry

Dear Amy,
"What a great poem/toast! My wife and I both absolutely love it! You are so creative and talented. We appreciate you helping us make Dad’s birthday celebration very special. It brought an ear-to-ear smile to my face when I read it."
With much appreciation, Neil B., Dallas, TX.

Dear Amy,
"I love it! I will certainly enjoy reading this poem to Tom at his birthday party. Thank you for writing this poem for me. It is sentimental and funny too!"
Sincerely, Sue, Derry, New Hampshire.