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For each and every one of us, a birthday is one of the biggest days of the year. For family, for friends, for the boss, for anyone or everyone close to your heart, nothing adds to the fun of it all like a custom birthday poem from Poems To Go.

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So no matter who’s birthday you’re celebrating — and no matter which birthday it is (1st, 21st, 50th, a 90th birthday poem, etc. — call on Poems To Go to give you a birthday poem you’ll all remember with utter joy.

Amy, I dont know what to say! It was so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes right away. You really touched my heart with this one. Thank you, Pam

In fact, we can even provide a knock-out birthday invitation poem. And keep this in mind always: With one of our poems, you’re giving the birthday boy or girl a true one-in-a-million gift!

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Dear Amy, Thank you for doing such a great job on the poem! I’m glad you enjoyed the info we sent over. If you hadn’t picked up on it yet, our family is a three ring circus 24/7. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Much appreciated,Noelle


Birthday Poems

Gosh, oh golly, Donald Queen,
Wildest man, so nifty
He’s our Dad, a classic,
Now he’s turning fifty!

The reason Dad’s so wild
Is that his antics never fade.
Like his clown get-up and pink bicycle
In the Fourth of July parade.

‘Course he’s known at the local car wash
For a different tempo and range.
While others get their car washed,
Dad scours the floor for change.

He’s tall, a six-foot wonder,
And handsome as they say.
Forever young, this is true,
His hair is just now turning gray.

And slim he’s not, his belly
Is known from far to wide.
A gut so huge his fly stays down,
The zipper is known to slide.

He’s a gossip, too, a busybody,
Who knows everybody’s business so well.
“Guess who lost their job?” he’ll ask.
Then he’ll tease and say “I can’t tell.”

And who needs books with Dad around?
No point in going to college.
We learn everything we need to know
From Dad at the Tree of Knowledge.

He loves his fun, that’s for sure,
His sense of humor does rate.
Watch him Sunday at the church,
Feeding candy to the collection plate.

He’s always s got a joke,
Or a wisecrack, a remark.
And he’s cheap as sin, our old man,
Saves nickels for a lark.

Crazy about his dogs,
Always was that way.
Riding them around in his truck
Or feeding them cornbread and chicken all day.

And just to offer proof
That Donald, with dogs, is best,
Watch them all in the hammock
Where they climb and get some rest.

Growin’ up in Moorseville
Dad got the softball bug.
He fast pitched – for the local team,
Playin’ for Stanley Drug.

Now, and more than ever,
I guess boys will just be boys.
he still goes out to play
With his best old friend, dear Royce.

He loves his fish, his hammock,
Old movies – westerns and war,
He loves to get a bargain
But he loves things FREE even more.

Amazing is that Dad’s Mom,
Susan Pray, truth be told,
This grand old gal, our grandma,
She’s 97 years old.

So Dad, on your birthday,
The laughs, as ever, are rife.
This poem comes with lots of love
And wishes for a long happy life.

You’re a great guy, Donald Queen,
We’re proud that you’re our Pop.
In fact, I’d say with all my heart,
May the laughter never stop.

With lots of love, David