Original Birthday Poems

There's nothing like a birthday -- and nothing quite like a celebration of birthdays for those who mean the most to us. For your spouse, your parents, your kids, your friends or anyone, celebrate their biggest day of the year with fun, with heart and with words that will be remembered with joy forever.

Say happy 50th birthday to a loved one or send heartfelt greetings to your mom and dad on their special day with a customized verse by PoemsToGo.

Children, friends, relatives, we write for them all. Age isn't important. After all, when it comes to our birthday, we're all, in a way, like little kids. That's why PoemsToGo is your place to go for all ages from your 1st to your 90th and beyond! Read our testimonials!

Order today! Upon receipt of your order, you'll receive a special birthday questionnaire. Please complete and email back. We'll use your information to write a heartfelt and fun birthday poem for you. For special requests or any questions you might have, please contact me via phone 508-330-0028 or use the contact form!

Birthday Poems