Heartfelt Bat Mitzvah Poems

While a bar mitzvah is a time in a young Jewish boy's life when he is recognized as a young adult in the eyes of his Jewish community, so to the bat mitzvah is a coming of age ceremony for a girl. This occurs when the youngsters are thirteen years old according to Reform Judaism.

So here at PoemsToGo, we would love to help you celebrate this special day by writing original poems, speeches and candle lighting ceremonies.

Dear Amy,
"With all the commotion leading up to Rachel's bat mitzvah, I just couldn't imagine writing the candle lighting poem myself. I'm so happy I discovered you and PoemsToGo. Your questionnaire was so easy. Actually, it was fun to fill it out. And the way you used it all -- to write a personal and utterly original poem covering all our friends, our family and all the wonderful times and memories in Rachel's life. She was thrilled. We were all thrilled. Thanks so much, Amy. I'll tell all my friends about PoemsToGo!"
Sincerely, Abby

Remember, that all of our pieces are constructed from your own information, so they reflect you and your child. So follow Abby’s lead and Order Now! We will give you two stanzas for each candle written. Your questionnaire will arrive in your email box within 5 minutes of our receiving your order. Please fill out as thoroughly as you can and email back to me. This will ensure the creation of a heartfelt poem.

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I have green eyes and long brown hair,
But that’s just what you see.
The inside’s more important.
I’m deciding who to be.

And helping me along the path
Are people that I love,
Supporting all my hopes and dreams,
With guidance from above.

My Grandma lives in Florida.
We visit when we can.
She’s loved me and my brother
Ever since our lives began.

Aunt Karen is a sweetheart, and
The sweets she brings are swell.
She’s here with Cousin Matthew, so
My thanks to them, as well.

Amanda, Aunt Joanne, and Uncle
Fred, I am contrite,
’Cause Dad has hooked all three of you
On “Napolean Dynamite.”

Dear Uncle Steve and Uncle Nick,
Seattle’s far away!
I’m very glad you could be here
On this, my special day.

I visit my Aunt Libby in
New Jersey -- what a treat!
And, once a year, our families
Unite to talk and eat.

I’m honored my Aunt Janet came
To help us celebrate.
She’s my Dad’s aunt so, actually,
Officially she’s great!

New Jersey Beach, Virginia Beach,
Vermont -- fun without end
When friends and I shared special times.
Hooray, Camp Riverbend!

My friends at Millburn Middle School
All make each day more fun.
We help each other all the time,
So thank you, everyone.

South Mountain is our skating rink,
And there I spin and glide.
Competing or just learning’s fun
With good friends at my side.

My brother Jake’s an athlete and
A quite fantastic dancer.
He’s two years younger than I am
But always knows the answer.

My youngest brother’s name is Zack,
And he’s a super star
At baseball and at soccer, too.
I’m sure that he’ll go far.

And, best of all, there’s Mom and Dad.
They say I make them proud.
I’m proud of them, as well, and so
I’ll say so, right out loud.

These people are God’s gift to me,
To help me on my way.
I’m growing toward my future…and
My future starts today.



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