Original Bar Mitzvah Poems

Few occasions are as important to the entire family as a bar mitzvah or a bat mitzvah. After attending Hebrew School for many years, while studying very hard, the young man or young lady is finally recognized as an adult in the eyes of the Jewish community.

This is a joyous time and many celebrate with a heartfelt candle lighting ceremony. During this ceremony, the bar mitzvah boy or the bat mitzvah girl honors significant family and friends, many of whom are called up to help and light a candle. Usually there are thirteen candles lit in all -- to commemorate all thirteen years in the life of the bar or bat mitzvah.

We are your bar mitzvah experts, having written so many poems and speeches over the past 17 years - to the delight of many happy customers.

We look forward to writing for you too! Our candle lighting poems are truly memorable because they are made from your own personal details and stories. Take a look at the real-life example shown on this page. This is just to give you a taste of our writing.

We'll include 1 - 2 stanzas for each relative or group of friends lighting a candle. If you have more candles to light, please let us know and we will accommodate you.

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Bar Mitzvah Poem Excerpt

It's my bar mitzvah day,
And I'm really glad you're here.
Just a few big points
That I want to state most clear.

This day is very big,
For my family and for me.
It's part of growing up,
A Jewish life, you see.

In fact, some most special folks,
Deserve a special praise.
It's candle lighting time,
A rite that can amaze.

If I call your name,
Please come join me, do.
We'll fire up a special candle,
Warm and enlightening, too.

But before the candles are lit,
Before we have some fun,
I want to say some words
About 2 who are bright as the sun.

First is my dear Saftah,
Back in Israel is she.
Medical issues kept her from coming,
That's how it had to be.

Also, my great Boobie Annie,
As well, she couldn't be here.
I'm very sorry for that,
Because she's just an exceptional dear.

Both of you be well,
And bright as the stars above.
Though you aren't here,
To you both, a world of love.

Now, we light the candles,
It's really lots of fun.
First, Boobie Dora and Papa Itzu,
You get candle 1!

They're my great grandparents,
And their lasagna is always first rate.
Your food packages for all the holidays,
Are nothing short of great.

So Papa and Boobie, please come up,
Candle 1 for you.
In honor of the wonderful folks you are,
And to all the things you do.

Boobie Mary, what a lady,
Full of life is she.
Always lots of fun and warmth,
That's the only way she'll be.

Loves the action in the casino,
She'll place a bet, it's true.
Boobie Mary, honor me,
Please come light candle 2.

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