Original 50th Anniversary Poems

A 50th Anniversary is golden in every way. With so much love and life to share, express it all in an original poem from Poems To Go.

Your poem is composed of your memorable stories about the couple of the day. An unforgettable way to celebrate your parents’ or grandparents’ 50th (golden) anniversary.

Kindly place your order here or click the ORDER button at the top of this page. We’ll send our specially-made questionnaire to you straight away. Please fill it out, email it back and we’ll use your specific details to write a completely original poem filled with love, laughter, memories and yes, maybe a few golden tear drops.

You’ll receive your finished poem within 4-5 days after we receive your completed questionnaire.

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50th Anniversary Poetry Excerpt

Stop the presses, call the news!
There’s something big in Syracuse!
It’s so cool, it’s really nifty,
Sandra and Eli Roth…are fifty!

Ellen, Marty, Steve and Jan,
Hey, we’re all so proud to note
This wonderful occasion
Folks, we’re kvelling…hey, let’s gloat!

We’ll never forget that wondrous tale
Of your marriage in ’54.
It was a cold and stolid December day
Ahh, yes, we remember more.

How the caterer said to Dad
I’ll cook up anything to your taste.
Good old Dad hit a high note:
"I’ll take a burger!" he said with great haste.

And Dad for all his time
Loves sports – it’s in his lexicon.
He loves the Yankees as much
As he HATES eating Mexican!

Meanwhile Mom, she loves to shop
And she’s a pack rat in betweener.
Good God it’s true, she still holds on
To Bubbie’s vacuum cleaner.



Wedding Poetry


"Celebrating a year of marriage is a big deal to me. And I wanted to impress my wife in a big way. The party was a big hit. But an even bigger hit was that anniversary toast I had you write. Fabulous. Thanks so much. And look forward to hearing from me next year."
Bruce M., New York

Dear Amy,
"Thank you so much for the lovely 50th Anniversary poem for my in-laws. At the anniversary dinner in Niagara Falls, nine of the grandkids each got up and read a part of the poem. It was a heartfelt and lovingly meaningful tribute that will remain a highlight for them for many years to come."
Sincerely, Michele D., Queens, NY.

Thank you very much for all your kind words!
Amy Miller, owner and founder of PoemsToGo.