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Anniversary Poems

Original Heartfelt Anniversary Poems

Every wedding anniversary is a heartfelt occasion. From the 1st to the 50th anniversary and beyond, each is extraordinary unto itself.

Celebrate your anniversary (or that of your grandparents, parents, children, friends or anyone) in a way that touches the heart and the funny bone alike. You can do it all -- with an original wedding anniversary poem from PoemsToGo.

My poems are filled with romance, humor, grace and love. They're truly heartfelt tributes to the anniversary couple -- because they're based on real information that you provide in our easy-to-use questionnaire. Take a look at some real-life testimonials.

You'll stand out when you read your poem to all in attendance. And best of all, it's a gift that will truly last forever.  Order now!

Upon receipt of your order, you will receive a special anniversary questionnaire to complete.  Kindly fill out thoroughly and email back to me.  We'll create your poem from your information and return it to you within 4 business days.


Remember, for any questions or special requests, we can be reached at 508-330-0028 or via the contact form.

Dear Amy,
We had our big Anniversary Open House and Dinner for 32 following. Thought I would let you know that your Poem was a tremendous success at the Anniversary Dinner for Howard and Grace. I had their granddaughter read it and there was not a dry eye in the house! You WOWED them! Thanks so much.
Sincerely, Nancy

Hi Amy,
My parents loved the poem! My dad was supposed to address the party after I spoke, but he was so emotional he was unable to speak. He said to tell you thank you very much...it was wonderful.
Thanks again, Joanie, Anna and Bob's 50th anniversary poem.