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Dear Mom and Dad,

Our beloved parents are married
Fifty lifelong years,
We couldn’t be more joyous,
Our hearts are filled with cheers.

Dear Manuel, lovely Alice,
Darling Mom and special Dad.
Your tale is truly marvelous,
Such a rich, sweet life you’ve had.

It all started in Detroit,
Back in January, ’55.
Dad’s Uncle John played Cupid
And he did it with great drive.

Manuel courted Alice with gusto,
Wrote her poems, made her laugh.
She was curvy and vivacious,
To her heart he found the path

They married on May 8,
Then they loaded up her car.
Took off for San Francisco
Hitched a ride to a western star.

They worked away to prosper,
These were hungry years, but fun.
In the real estate biz and the grocery,
Their work was never done.

Toiling long hours were Mom and Dad,
But lots of love through it all.
And then – in 1956
'Twas a family that came to call.

First came Ronald, the oldest,
Then Nancy a year later.
Finally Richard in ‘59
For Mom and Dad, life couldn’t be greater.

They made all the efforts for family,
Carved a wonderful life for their kids.
Family was always their riches,
And warmth was always in their midst.

Dad’s curly mane of white hair,
Well known so far and wide.
And singing in the Sunday church,
They’d carry tunes in stride.

Mom and Dad went all over,
To Russia, Asia, my!
And then on Kenyan safari
Saw the animals eye-to-eye.

Now Mom and Dad have benefits
That make them proud and giddy.
I mean 8 extraordinary grandchildren,
Dad beams…such a proud, loving “sidi!”

‘Course one thing really stands out,
In our family it’s the most.
Mom and Dad’s classic Christmas dinner,
Every year that’s what they host.

So Mom and Dad, dear parents,
On this anniversary day.
We wish you health, God’s blessings
In every single way

For 50 years together,
Your love stands deep and bright
From all three kids, and grandkids, yes.
Our wish: 50 more years of light.

We love you!

Love from your entire crew

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