Anniversary poems

Can you believe how fast the years have flown? Whether you’re beginning life together with your first anniversary, or are celebrating a joyous 50th, nothing says it better than an anniversary poem; charming, funny, sincere and absolutely memorable. Tell me your feelings and stories and I’ll honor the big day, celebrate a great occasion, and give you another wonderful memory to enjoy forever.

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Happy 50th Evelyn and Fred

It was love at first sight
She was his princess
And he was her knight.

He wooed her in San Fran
With candy from Sees
And for the next 50 years
Loved each other with ease.

Fred was a farmer
And teased his new wife
That her exquisite taste
Suited a more royal life.

For though Fred is practical,
Quiet, and reserved,
Evelyn loves jewelry
And pretties preferred.

They’ve worked very hard
To have what they do
And now Greg and Derek
Work hard for them too.

It isn’t so easy
Running family and farm
They made it look easy
With their fun-loving charm.

When it comes to cooking
Evelyn is queen
And creatively speaking
Fred reigns supreme.

The merry-go-round
That we all know and adore
Is our fathers creation
That will become family lore.

Their children have stayed
Close to home all these years
And made nursing and farming
Their chosen careers.

What started as three
Has turned into thirteen
The number of grandchildren
Is almost obscene.

They travel to Tahoe
Their cabin is snug
They snuggle up in the winter
In a big loving hug.

Dad will bring Mitzy
Along for the fun
His love for his puppy
Is second to none.

The beach house in Oregon
Is lovely as well
The kids could spend hours
Looking for shells.

In 50 short years
Her black hair has turned white
And his eyes that she’s loved
Still sparkle so bright.

What has she bought this year
As a gift to herself?
She keeps her Fred guessing
In spite of himself.

The time has flown by
But when it’s all said and done
Time passes so quickly
When you’re out having fun.

With love from your entire crew.
Happy Anniversary.

Best wishes Arthur and Gerry

Arthur and Gerry, who could think
That time would fly this way.
We’re celebrating your 50th Anniversary,
What an extraordinary day!

Your first wedding was on this day,
June 11, ’55.
All’s the same today, except
Now—we 4 kids are alive!

I think of all the times and
All the stories we could tell.
I should put ‘em in a book
’Cause I KNOW that book would sell.

Like Dad who grew up with pets,
Had allergies and didn’t know it.
Married Mom and they lived pet-free,
His nose? He didn’t blow it.

He thought it was the marriage
That made life so comfy and pleasin’.
Until we got some house pets
And again Dad made with the sneezin’.

And Mom? She’s a true neat freak,
Kept the house so squeaky clean.
She loved her trusty vacuum,
Without it she was rarely seen.

And she’s had a thing for the color blue,
Blue cars, blue clothes and more.
Christ, our Christmas lights were blue,
I mean—need I say more?

It was strictly Norman Rockwell,
This home of love we had.
And I want to thank you oh so much,
You’re the greatest Mom and Dad.

And thanks to all the folks who’re here
To join and share the joy.
Dearest Gerry and sweet Art,
The finest girl and boy.

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Thank you Amy. What a great poem, you captured them to a tee. I’m very happy and will tell everyone I know to give you a call.

Karen| All testimonials

I love it. You made me cry. Thank you.

Christine| All testimonials