90th Birthday Poems

"Dear Amy, What a fabulous 90th birthday poem you composed for my sister's birthday! She was so touched by it! Some of the guests thought that I was so creative in writing! Of course, I told them I wasn't and that it was YOU!"

It was a BIG hit! Sincerely, Cheryl.

When you're getting ready to celebrate a family's 90th birthday, think how wonderful an original poem will be. We'll highlight all your birthday memories and put them into a fabulous masterpiece. View the example on this page of a real-life birthday poem we have created. Each is unique and is made from your own details. From funny to heartfelt, the tone is all up to you.

Whether it be to honor your grandma on her ninetieth or celebrate your Mom or Dad's special day, in fact, any year from the first to the 50th birthday and beyond, a personalized and customized poem from PoemsToGo says it best!

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Grandmom, Ruth Alice Gundy,
In this family, she's the queen.
Born on January twenty-second,
In the year, 1917.

Do the math and see,
That's 90 wondrous years.
How special is Grandmom Ruth?
She means the world to all us dears.

She grew up in Elkins Park,
8 brothers and sisters in all.
A graduate of Sheltonham High School,
Where she sure had a ball.

One day at Melrose Riding Academy,
A man on a mount said "Slow down!"
Of course, Grandmom Ruth rode faster,
She really went to town.

That man was William Gundy,
He caught up with her, it's true.
They fell in love…and married,
What a great life for these two.

In time, they had three children,
Tina, Philip and Puddie.
Everyone loved Grandmom Ruth,
She's still everyone's best buddy.

Known so far and wide,
For her chocolate chip cookies and apple pie,
Try her baked goods just one blessed time,
You'll give an enraptured sigh.

At Lombard Central Presbyterian Church
She was a Deaconess and more.
To hear her in the Senior Choir
Is delightful forever more.

Worked at the U. of Penn,
Her biology test copies were a sight.
Like everything else Grandmom Ruth ever did,
They had to be just right.

She managed a hotel in Wildwood,
Worked in a drugstore --
Had five wonderful grandkids…
Great grandchildren? How 'bout 10 more!

She's really quite a flirt,
And likely to approach a young man,
"What you got cookin', good lookin'?
She'll say it and laugh 'cause she can.

Grandmom loves her family dearly,
And we love her just as much right back.
With the Phillies, Eagles and Sixers,
When it comes to lovin', there's no lack.

Despite achy knees she's in great health,
Laughter keeps her so young.
Grandmom won't leave the opera
Until every last note has been sung.

Great Grandmom Ruth, you're so special,
Our hearts go out to you.
With wishes for much more joy and health,
And a whole lot of lovin', too!

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