Nifty 50th Birthday Poems

Is your husband or wife about to turn 50? Congratulations! Pondering what to get? This year, mark the occasion with what matters most - words from your heart - set in verse! Not just for the fiftieth year, but for any year, let PoemsToGo come to your aid by writing an original, heartfelt birthday poem. Remember, all poems are made from your own details so each is truly unique and reflects you!

Dear Amy,
The poem was a huge success! My wife loved it, as did the guests at the party. I had several people ask me where I got it and I directed them to your website! Thank you so much for making my sweetheart's 50th birthday even more special.
Sincerely, Richard

Dear Amy,

I love it! I will certainly enjoy reading this poem to Tom at his birthday party. Matt and Ashley loved the stanza about Tom's cooking!Thank you so much for writing it.
Most sincerely, Sue

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Dear Tom,

Tom McCoy, my sweetheart,
A husband so very nifty.
Now we celebrate
Your birthday, number fifty.

Tom was born in Tampa,
At McGill Air Force Base.
To parents Willard and Mary,
Who set that lad apace.

They moved to Merrick, Long Island,
When Tom was but a little dear.
It seemed like overnight
He was off to Rensselaer.

Four years in the Air Force,
Then Tom couldn't wait
To study electrical engineering
At his beloved Ohio State.

Then to Sanders up in Nashua
All was meant to be.
Tom found a great career
And he also found…well, me.

He was an engineer
With a secretary, Mary Lou.
She was my colleague and friend
And that's how I met Tom, too.

Our first date was for dinner
But before I dare digress,
I'll make the point yet again,
I did NOT wear a prom dress.

He proposed at Country Tavern,
It really meant the most.
Just Tom and me and Elizabeth,
She was their resident ghost.

Our life together has been swell,
Tom finds humor in all of life.
He's really just the best
And I adore it -- being his wife.

He was den leader for Scout Troop 260,
Now Assistant Scoutmaster, too.
He explains things with marvelous precision,
Tom, the world's best teacher is you.

We were blessed with two great kids,
Ashley and big brother, Matt.
Meanwhile, Tom stays busy,
He's never standing pat.

Has a craving for all things Disney,
And Sea World is the best.
Tom and Matt want to see them all,
Will they stand the Sea World test?

This master of all trades
Is lacking in just one skill.
He tries so very hard,
But his cooking? It can kill.

Ohio State's his football team,
Those "Butt Guys" are a scream.
With sweatshirt on he implores them,
Columbus is his dream.

Tom is funny, warm and charming,
And oh, so loving, too.
Dearest Tom, my husband forever,
The happiest happy birthday to you!



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