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1. Select an occasion:

  • Candle Lighting Poems - $274.95 (up to 13 candles)
  • If more than 13 candles, email me to discuss a special rate.

  • One minute toast - $149.95
  • Two minute toast - $199.95

  • Three minute speech - $249.95
  • Four minute speech - $299.95
  • Five minute speech - $349.95
  • Bar mitzvah speech - $249.95

2. Select your stationery:

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Rush Order add $50.00

A RUSH ORDER is a poem, speech or toast that needs to be emailed and/or mailed to you within 3 days of receipt of your completed questionnaire. Please Check the "Yes, please rush my order" box below. If in doubt, please call us: 508-330-0028 or contact us.

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