Hello Amy,
"I just returned from an all days meeting and found your fabulous speech and toast in my email. It is just great! I love how you write. Thank you. I will be sure to use you for the many speeches I do at customer events in the future! You have a special gift! "
Sincerely, Joan L. Chicago, IL. November 13, 2016

Dear Amy,
"I love the anniversary poem! It is so perfect. You did a fabulous job of including everything and with such eloquence. I have read through it now six times and every time I cry. I was thinking I might read it out loud at their Anniversary party, but I know I won't be able to control my emotions. it is a beautiful warm piece of work."
Warm regards, Kayleen, Las Vegas, August 9, 2016

Dear Amy,
"I'm very pleased with the wedding toast! I will certainly use you and your services again. You have a true writing talent. Well done!"
Thank you so much, Judy R., West Palm Beach, FL. July 9, 2016

Dear Amy,
"What a bar mitzvah! And what a bar mitzvah candle lighting poem! We were so proud of our bar mitzvah boy. And Andy did a great job reading the poem to all. He got plenty of laughs, plenty of smiles and, at the perfect times, plenty of real warmth, emotion and FUN that just kind of stayed with everybody all night long. My husband and I still can’t believe how you got all our information into 13 candles! Just wanted you to know, and to thank you for your great work. We’ll be in touch again. Our daughter turns 13 in two years!"
Sincerely, Cynthia G., Chestnut Hill, MA., April 4, 2016

"I absolutely love it! It says everything that I want it to. I could never had put it as eloquently as you did. You are truly amazing. You are the best. Thank you so much, your poem will make the party even more special."
Bernadette C., Dallas, TX., April 2, 2016

Dear Amy,
"I love the anniversary poem you created. It’s beautiful and my recommendation from my sister-in-law was sensational – you truly are fabulously talented! All of my friends that I have shown think this is the most amazing gift. They cannot wait to have the excuse to also use your services."
Shyrelle C., Dallas, TX., March 10, 2016

Dear Amy,
"WOW, what a wonderful Maid of Honor speech! It over exceeded any and all expectations when I delivered it at the wedding!! It was perhaps the best gift I could have given my sister on her wedding day. Being such a nervous public speaker and getting up there in front of nearly 150 guests and delivering a heartfelt, touching and humorous speech all at once – AND being so calm and collected was truly a testament to your writing. If and when I get married – I know where I am going for my speech!"
Sincerely, Robin C., Chicago, IL.

Dear Amy,
"Thank you so much for the lovely 50th Anniversary poem for my in-laws. At the anniversary dinner in Niagara Falls, nine of the grandkids each got up and read a part of the poem. It was a heartfelt and lovingly meaningful tribute that will remain a highlight for them for many years to come."
Sincerely, Michele D., Queens, NY.

Dear Amy,
"I love it! I will certainly enjoy reading this poem to Tom at his birthday party. Thank you for writing this poem for me. It is sentimental and funny too!"
Sincerely, Sue, Derry, New Hampshire.

Dear Amy,
"What a wonderful bar mitzvah toast! Now would you tell me how NOT to cry when I read this?"
Scott, Dallas, Texas.

Dear Amy,
"Oh my God – you are amazing! The poem is so beautiful and really captures so much of what I feel. You are truly talented. I could not help crying as I read it over and over. I can’t wait until she hears it! I know she will be deeply touched and will appreciate it so much. Thank you so much."
Much gratitude, Dora C., Chicago, IL.

Dear Amy,
"Mere words can’t describe how wonderful your candle lighting poem was. You captured my son’s feelings and thoughts for his relatives in such a warm, heartfelt way. I was so moved when Larry read it, in front of all our friends and relatives. You were able to include all that was important. No easy feat. Honest to goodness, Larry felt like a rock star and we are all so delighted with your work. An excellent job!"
Thank you once again, Sheila C., Livingston, NJ.

Hi Amy,
"I got the poem and I love it. Thanks so much. You were a huge help and have been instrumental in making our parents 50th anniversary very memorable! For parents who have “everything”, not an easy feat!!"
Thanks again, Nancy, Ohio.

"My husband was an English teacher when we first were married… He wrote me this note after I delivered the speech you wrote. You did a fantastic job last night. I was very proud of you. That was one of the most beautiful, inspiring, touching and emotional speeches I have ever heard.’…I told him it was all thanks to you and your incredible staff."
I can’t thank you enough, Cindy, Wisconsin.

Dear Amy,
"That is an absolutely fantastic poem!!!!! and so very efficient. I am so pleased with it and it’s so funny too. You are very talented. It’s everything I wanted to say but didn’t know where to start. Thank you very much. I’m thrilled."
Regards, Mrs. Clevett, United Kingdom.

Dear Amy,
"Wow I love it. What a great job! Thank you so much. I will enjoy reading it on the 19th of October. You have truly made my day much easier with this speech."
Thank you, Cathy, Alberta, Canada.

Dear Amy,
"I will certainly be recommending your services and talent to my friends, although I’m all the way over here in Australia you made it so easy and effortless. Sometimes you don’t know what dealings will be like across the internet in other countries, but given the time difference etc you did a wonderful job. Very professional and friendly."
Cheers, Natalie, Australia

Dear Amy,
"The poem is wonderful. We love it. You are brilliant to be able to create a poem simply from our information. It’s amazing to be able to have you help us with a poem from so far away – the wonders of internet – we tried for weeks to put something together, but nothing sounded right. You certainly have a way with words. I will certainly make sure that all the guests at the party know that you are the “poet”."
Best Wishes, Iris.

"Oh my gosh! What a great wedding poem you created, out of thin air – it seems, Amy. Thank you so much this is truly amazing. I’m so grateful for your tremendous help."
Sincerely, Rosanna, Westchester, NY.

Dear Amy,
"Thank you so much! I just LOVE the poem! I know Jen will too. I am very grateful for all your hard work and amazing talent. I really wanted something special and different to present to someone so important to me. You really achieved that. Thanks again for all your efforts! I will most definitely call on you in the future."
Sincerely, Sage, Santa Rosa, CA.

Dear Amy,
"What a great poem/toast! My wife and I both absolutely love it! You are so creative and talented. We appreciate you helping us make Dad’s birthday celebration very special. It brought an ear-to-ear smile to my face when I read it."
With much appreciation, Neil B., Dallas, TX.

"I appreciated the fact that Amy took personal information provided to her and was able to personalize it especially for our situation. One can feel the love in one of Amy’s poem masterpieces. I don’t feel like it’s just only a monetary thing for Amy with the poems because there is so much care and thoughtfulness put into these poems. Amy’s poems are filled with love."
Sincerely, Sandy C., New Haven, CT.

Dear Amy,
"Little did I know when I googled onto your site how my wish for the perfect wedding toast would be fulfilled. I love how you hit on every vital aspect of Michelle and Joe."
Margaret L., UK.

Dear Amy,
"Your bar mitzvah speech was incredible. Joel did his haftorah portion like a real pro. Then my husband and I delivered that speech and words don’t express how beautiful it was for all of us. I will certainly use you and your marvelous service again."
Nancy C., Boston, MA.

Dear Amy,
"How do you do it? Your birthday poem was the absolute hit of Lenny’s party. Turning 70 kind of freaked him out – but your poem had him laughing and, yes, crying, with joy. Everybody loved it. But no one more than me. Thank you. We’ll be in touch again whenever the right occasion arrives."
Robin Z., Chicago, IL.

Dear Amy,
"Mom and Dad’s big anniversary finally came. And it was great. Greatest of all? IMO, it was the 50th Anniversary Poem that my sister and I read in alternate verse. Mom and Dad were so moved by it all. And everybody felt the same. Thank you so much! Yours is a real gift – to write a poem like that!"
Again, thank you! Troy B., Midland, MI.

Dear Amy,
"That is an absolutely fantastic retirement poem!!!!! I read it at the party we had for the boss and I tell you – I was a big hit. He loved it! What a perfect send off to a great guy. Thanks a million."
Peter S., San Francisco, CA.

Dear Amy,
"Wow I love it. Your baby shower poem for my best friend. Melissa was all smiles (and a few tears) as I read it. And all the girls were laughing. At the end, the room was thick with emotion. Melissa’s hug was priceless. What a great job you did!"
Cathy R., Alberta, Canada

Dear Amy,
"As the parent of a very popular 13 year old, we’re making the bar mitzvah circuit like crazy this year. And I’ve heard a lot of bar mitzvah candle lighting poems of late. But I’m proud to say (and I think I’m being objective) that the one you wrote for Stephen is far and away the best. How you got all those names and all those details into it is amazing. You managed to warm plenty of hearts and get loads of laughter, too. We’re all enormously appreciative. And quite proud. I’m looking at our 11 year-old right now – and planning to call on you in about 2 years for candle lighting poem #2."
Thanks so much! Sandy F., Danbury, CT.

Hi Amy,
"I got the Maid of Honor poem and I love it. It says everything that I wanted to say perfectly. I can’t wait to see Connie’s face when I read it at the reception. Knowing her, she’ll probably laugh all the way through it – and then burst into tears. So Amy, How did you do it? How do you take info like that and turn it into MY voice? Amazing. I’ll let you know how the wedding turns out. But my poem? I already know. It’s the best."
Karen S., Hong Kong.

Dear Amy,
"I can’t get over with this touching speech. It left everybody saying, “I want one of those for my wedding.” I can’t thank you enough."
Annie C., Savannah, GA.

"It has been so hard since January when my husband left for Iraq. He will be gone for 15 months. We will miss our first anniversary together (June 19), but YOU have made all the difference. I love your anniversary poem. It’s the best gift I could ever give my husband. Thank you so much."
Amanda P., Duluth, GA.

Dear Amy,
"What an absolutely perfect anniversary tribute to my parents. It was heartfelt in all sentimental ways. I'm still crying. Thank you so very much!"
Sincerely, Abby G., Brookline, MA.

Dearest Amy,
"What could I say - except Thank you! Your birthday poem blew 'em away at the party. It was hysterical and so right-on. Thanks a bunch for another perfect poem!"
Sincerely, Sylvia S., Chicago, IL.

Dear Amy,
"You made Jake's Bar Mitzvah absolutely perfect with your speech! I can't tell you how many guests came up to me and said 'Oh my goodness, where did you get that speech?' It was marvelous. You had 'em spellbound Amy. Then, I told them about Poemstogo! Now they know where to go for their next speech. Truly this was spectacular."
Barry C., Long Island, NY.

Dear Amy,
"Wow, I love it! Thank you so much for the anniversary poem you created for my parents plus your speedy delivery - I couldn't ask for more"
Very truly, Cynthia, Newton, MA.

Dear Amy,
"This bat mitzah poem is exactly what I wanted! You are amazing! I couldn't put pen to paper myself. What an excellent job! "
Sincerely, Sarah C., Livingston, NJ.

Dear Amy,
"Thank you for doing such a great job on the poem! I’m glad you enjoyed the info we sent over. If you hadn’t picked up on it yet, our family is a three ring circus 24/7. Wouldn’t have it any other way"
Much appreciated, Noelle

Dear Amy,
"The candle lighting poem you prepared for our son, Dave's bar mitzvah was fantastic! How you managed to get in all the relatives and friends was a testament in your writing. I'll be back when it's time for bar mitzvah #2."
Sincerely, Cindy C., Baltimore, MD.

Dear Amy,
"The occasion of David’s bar mitzvah was a big to-do as you can imagine. With all the commotion leading up to the big day, I just couldn't imagine writing the candle lighting poem myself. I'm so happy I discovered you and PoemsToGo. Your questionnaire was so easy. Actually, it was fun to fill it out. And the way you used it all -- to write a personal and utterly original poem covering all our friends, our family and all the wonderful times and memories in David's life. He was thrilled. We were all thrilled. Thanks so much, Amy. I'll tell all my friends about PoemsToGo!"
Sincerely, Debra

Dear Amy,
"Our general manager was retiring and we arranged one of those dinners to honor him. But we still needed something else. We needed a special tribute to a guy we all admire so much. A guy who did so much for us. Your poem was perfect. It hit all the right notes -- the laughter, the emotion and all the good feeling. It was one of the highlights of an extraordinary night."
Warren M., Boston, MA

Dear Amy,
"Wow. Your Mother's Day poem was filled with love and laughter. Some of the stories in it were ones that even Mom had forgotten! She loved it. I can tell by her tears. We all loved it. And I thank you so very much!"
Cecelia W., Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

Dear Amy,
"Wow! I was so excited when I got your poem. It really said it all -- like you knew everything about Charles and me and how we feel about each other. You should have seen HIM when I read it to him! A million thanks to you. And here's to love eternal!"
Emily K., Chicago IL

Dear Amy,
"My sister's wedding was the best. And one of the best parts of it? The wedding poem that I read to my sister and her husband (that still sounds so funny to me!). Everybody loved it, especially Diane and Steve. I felt like a superstar after. Thank you so much. You're incredible!"
Carla B., Geneva, NY

Dear Amy,
"What can I say about the anniversary speech you wrote for my parents 50th? It was incredible. I'd say about 50% of the guests were laughing and other 50% were crying (often from the laughter). Mom and Dad were over the moon from it. I am, too. Thank you so much!"
Diana T., Scarsdale, NY

"What a wonderful speech for our daughter's bat mitzvah! I was a little nervous before reading it, but once I got going it was all great. And the audience was rapt. They laughed, they oohed and aahed, and they loved it. We all loved it. Thank you so much! Talk to you soon."
Paula B., Livingston, NJ

"You made Leon's birthday the best party we ever had. That speech was a highlight of everything. We all loved it - but no loved it more than the birthday boy! Thanks so much."
Katrina F., Stockholm, Sweden

Dear Amy,
"It was shocking to lose one of my best pals. And I just couldn't find the right words to express to his wife and family. I'm so glad I turned to you. The eulogy you wrote was remarkable. There weren't too many dry eyes in the place. But even with all the tears, you evoked a lot of good feeling for all of us. I can't thank you enough."
Don C., Albuquerque, NM

Hello Amy,,
"I'm writing to thank you for the Thank You Speech you wrote for me. It really did the job and my friend was moved by the thoughts it expressed - in such personal terms, it's like I wrote it myself. My friend feels appreciated. And I just feel great. Again, thank YOU!"
Chris B., Petaluma, CA

"Celebrating a year of marriage is a big deal to me. And I wanted to impress my wife in a big way. The party was a big hit. But an even bigger hit was that anniversary toast I had you write. Fabulous. Thanks so much. And look forward to hearing from me next year."
Bruce M., New York

Dear Amy,
"The birthday toast you wrote was just great! Thank you so much for writing this for me - and in short order! You're a treasure! Sincerely,"
Karen C., Hyannis, MA.

To Amy Miller,
"What a wedding! What a toast! I might be the best Best Man ever with what you wrote for me. The bride and groom were doubled up with laughter. Then again, so was everybody else. If I were clever, I’d call this the “toast of the town"."
Brian M., Fryeburg, ME

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