Poems To Go Terms & Conditions

Outlined here are the Poems To Go Terms and Conditions of our website.
We encourage you to provide all information we’ll need in a timely fashion – within the easy confines of our specially-developed questionnaire. Should you ask us to do more research on your project (such as to visit your wedding website, for example), we’re happy to do so — but there will be an additional charge for the time and effort it takes.

We CANNOT accept faxes. Please: All questionnaires must be EMAILED to us.

If you would like us to make some small change to your poem, speech or toast, we will gladly do so without additional charge. However, if this work requires a more extensive effort, including, but not limited to, rewriting of stanzas, changing the tone of the poem or speech, or adding significant new material, visiting links and/or other websites or other material, then we reserve the right to charge a fee for our time and effort. That rate begins at $50.00.

We will give you our best effort, and you’ll enjoy the lowest possible price, if you get ALL the information we need to us in one time, as quickly as possible.

Regarding timing and receipt of your finished poem, speech or toast, a regular order will usually be completed within 4-5 days of our receipt of your completed questionnaire. For quicker service, we can make your order a RUSH ORDER for a slightly higher price. If it’s possible, we can even offer same day or next-day service as a SUPER RUSH ORDER. Please contact or call me: 508-330-0028 for details.

Important: I have enjoyed great success – talking specifically about customer satisfaction — with my poems, speeches and toasts during the past fifteen years. I promise you our very best effort in all ways. You’ll get a great finished product and great service!

Refund Policy

In the unlikely event that you need to cancel your order, our REFUND POLICY is as follows: All cancellations for poems, speeches and toasts must occur within 12 hours of receipt of your order and must be requested in writing via email.

We will refund your money in full less a $50.00 processing fee.

If you choose to cancel your order after this 12 hour period, we will be glad to give you full credit towards another order in the next six months.

There will be no refunds for any RUSH OR SPECIAL ORDERS.



If you have any questions please read our frequently asked questions and do not hesitate to contact me or give me a call on 508-330-0028.


Dear Amy,
"The poem is wonderful. We love it. You are brilliant to be able to create a poem simply from our information. It’s amazing to be able to have you help us with a poem from so far away – the wonders of internet – we tried for weeks to put something together, but nothing sounded right. You certainly have a way with words. I will certainly make sure that all the guests at the party know that you are the “poet”."
Best Wishes, Iris.

"My husband was an English teacher when we first were married… He wrote me this note after I delivered the speech you wrote. You did a fantastic job last night. I was very proud of you. That was one of the most beautiful, inspiring, touching and emotional speeches I have ever heard.’…I told him it was all thanks to you and your incredible staff."
I can’t thank you enough, Cindy, Wisconsin.

Thank you very much for all your kind words!
Amy Miller, owner and founder of PoemsToGo.