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Here’s how Amy Miller started Poems To Go – and why she was determined to offer an exclusive, easy, affordable means to provide original poems, speeches and toasts for all occasions: You might say I started Poems To Go in 2000, after working for a greeting card company where I was writing off-the-rack cards for all kinds of occasions – and wishing I could personalize each one for every individual customer.
But Poems To Go really got its start years before that. I think it was all about trying to emulate my father, Alan Miller. He was the greatest Dad in so many ways. He started his own business manufacturing cable assemblies. NASA was his biggest client. Here is a poem I created in his honor – his memory – and the company he created. From him I learned all about the merits of striking out on your own. And from him I inherited an unwavering sense of creativity. Our times together were always joy-filled, always one sweet adventure after another.

Dad died in a plane crash when I was only twelve. In some ways, I never got over it. But it gave me a quiet determination whereby I knew one day I would go out on my own and, just like Dad, I’d start my own successful business.

That brings us to Poems To Go. PTG is truly a combination of Dad’s total dedication to serving his customers with my own wish to write personalized – original – versions of those old greeting cards.

The whole point about Poems To Go is to give our customers exactly what you want – in poems, speeches and toasts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs and all occasions. Or any occasion. The fact that verything we write is wholly unique – based solely on information you provide – sets us apart from anyone else. ORDER your poem or speech or toast today.

Today, our customer base includes people from the US and 23 other nations worldwide. A big part of our business is serving repeat customers, those so happy with our services the first time around, they order from us again. And again. I’m thrilled to say we have a number of customers who have ordered over 10 poems, speeches or toasts from us. That’s how much they like what we offer. Nothing could make me happier.

I like to think that Poems To Go happened when we united highest quality, original product with the most attentive customer service. It gives me great comfort to think that Dad would be proud of Poems To Go and all that we offer.

With all sincerity, I look forward to the opportunity to serve you.
Amy Miller, Founder and President of Poems To Go

I would love to hear from you. Please contact me or call me on 508-330-0028 today.

Custom Poetry

Amy at Wayland Manor


Dear Amy,
"What a bar mitzvah! And what a bar mitzvah candle lighting poem! We were so proud of our bar mitzvah boy. And Andy did a great job reading the poem to all. He got plenty of laughs, plenty of smiles and, at the perfect times, plenty of real warmth, emotion and FUN that just kind of stayed with everybody all night long. My husband and I still can’t believe how you got all our information into 13 candles! Just wanted you to know, and to thank you for your great work. We’ll be in touch again. Our daughter turns 13 in two years!"
Sincerely, Cynthia G., Chestnut Hill, MA., April 4, 2016

Dear Amy,
"WOW, what a wonderful Maid of Honor speech! It over exceeded any and all expectations when I delivered it at the wedding!! It was perhaps the best gift I could have given my sister on her wedding day. Being such a nervous public speaker and getting up there in front of nearly 150 guests and delivering a heartfelt, touching and humorous speech all at once – AND being so calm and collected was truly a testament to your writing. If and when I get married – I know where I am going for my speech!"
Sincerely, Robin C., Chicago, IL.

Thank you very much for all your kind words!
Amy Miller, owner and founder of PoemsToGo.