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Have a timeless keepsake. Communicate from the heart. Some of life's occasions are truly extraordinary. Like a big anniversary. A wedding. The birthday of a spouse, a child, a parent or a special friend. A bar mitzvah (or bat mitzvah). A big promotion at work. Or maybe any day that becomes the perfect occasion for telling someone how much you appreciate their friendship, their kindness, their love.

Now, say it all with gorgeous, appropriate, personalized eloquence. PoemsToGo can give you beautiful verse - for any occasion with a poem that's tender, evocative, humorous or all of the above. Or a speech, a toast, a talk that stays in their hearts forever.

It's simple. Just give us the particular details that you want to include in your poem or your speech (our custom questionnaire makes it quick and easy) and we'll do the rest. Learn more right here. PoemsToGo! Words from you that they'll never forget.

"Dear Amy, Amazing! Your poem brought tears and laughter at the same time! I love it. A perfect present!" Sincerely, Tony, New Jersey

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