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Sample of Professional Tribute

Boston Chimney and Tower Company
A little bit of heaven.
Ever since our founding
Back in 1937.

Albert C. Plante got us going,
Our leader from the start.
Then he passed the reins in '67,
To his sons, who have played a great part.

Ron Plante became our president,
And Richard, aka Babe, VP.
The company is known to all,
For quality you can really see.

Through seventy years of experience,
All kinds of excellent stuff.
We replaced the peak atop Custom House,
At 500 feet…it was tough!

On Trinidad, lovely island,
We demolished a chimney, too.
On another chimney, we installed 6000 Christmas lights,
All part of what we'll do.

Our restoration work
Is such a darn sensation,
That the Commonwealth we live in,
Granted Historical Masonry Certification.

In '84, Babe left us
To pursue a musical career.
Today's VP is Ron Michaud,
His positive impact has been perfectly clear.

Our reputation is impeccable,
Throughout each United State.
Our work force is the very best,
And our effort always great.

President Ron said it all,
"We're problem solvers," uttered he.
"The bigger the challenge, the better we like it,
That's how it will always be.”

You'll see our efforts everywhere,
On plants, on churches, on schools.
We surely have the expertise,
And we have the skills and tools.

It all comes down to doing the things,
That mean the most -- and more.
They're all our greatest strengths,
Our solid, golden core.

First one is EXPERIENCE,
From thousands of jobs of success.
And workers who never fail
To give their level best.

Next is true blue QUALITY,
Our chimneys stand so long,
Surviving weather and anything,
Workmanship that's never wrong.

Next one is INTEGRITY,
That's always our job one.
We'll even refund money
If there's a better way to get the job done.

Our commitments we'll always meet.
That's why Boston Chimney
Is the company that can't be beat!

All our great work goes on and on,
For now and yes, for later.
For customers so very small,
Or as big as Wheelabrator!

The Car Barn in New Bedford,
Waltham's great old South School.
As far away as South Dakota and Texas,
Boston Chimney sure does rule!

Faux painting on Northeastern's chimney,
To make it look like brick.
Total devotion to excellence,
That's our time-honored trick.

Mr. Plante's always on the mark,
Giving credit where credit is due.
And that, as we all know,
Belongs to all of you.

As our leader says time and again,
With purpose that's oh so clear,
"Boston Chimney wouldn't be where we are today
If not for the people who work here."

Our work is often difficult,
And dangerous at times, it's true.
Our crews are just spectacular
In everything you do.

From installing stacks at Biogen,
Synagro or Medical in Maine.
It's all because of our people,
As we always strive to explain.

Our 70th anniversary
Rings wonderful and true.
Because of YOUR great efforts,
And all you always do.

The symbolism is so appropriate,
We scale stacks to the very top.
All because our women and men
Are truly "the cream of the crop."

We'll keep on growing together,
Counting on our strengths and our core.
Working, profiting, climbing,
Perhaps another 70 years and more!

And we'll do it as we've always done,
Together, every way.
To Boston Chimney and Tower,
And our efforts every day!!!!!

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