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Whether you would like to personalize your wedding with just the right words, or need a fun-filled maid of honor speech, you've come to the right place. For retirements, graduations, bar mitzvah speeches (bat mitzvahs, too) and more.... Whatever you are celebrating, PoemsToGo will give you an original speech (based on specific input that you provide in our quick custom questionnaire) that will entertain and enthrall at the time -- and then be cherished forever.

Order here or click the ORDER NOW button on this page. Make your occasion one they're certain to remember forever!

Your special questionnaire will follow in your email box. Just complete and email back to me. Your special occasion speech can take any form you want. At Poems-to-Go, our expert writers can give you a speech or a toast that's warm or nostalgic, heartfelt or off the wall funny.

The point is this: We will write precisely the speech or toast you want -- as short as one or two minutes, as long as five or more. And all of them offered at great value prices.

For any and all questions, please contact me today!



" Thank you so much for this absolutely fantastic anniversary speech. I sit here with tears in my eyes and I know that they will just love it! You are amazing! Thank you thank you! Sincerely, Angie"

"Dear Amy, "WOW, what a wonderful Maid of Honor speech! It over exceeded any and all expectations when I delivered it at the wedding!! It was perhaps the best gift I could have given my sister on her wedding day. Sincerely, Jennifer"

"A big thanks for the Reunion speech. The group was touched by the composition of the words and the originality. Again, I want to thank you - I just know this will be a treasured tribute for all 19 members of our group for many years to come." - Sincerely, Abbie, Boston

"I really enjoyed reading this toast to my son. It's special how you made it so personal. A job well done." - Sincerely, Larry

"I sure made the right choice in having Poems To Go write my anniversary speech. It's just BEAUTIFUL! This will certainly be one of the highlights of the party! Thank you again, Joanne"

"Thanks so much for the holiday toast. It's just what we need. Great job." -- Sincerely, Michael

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!