Original 50th Birthday Poems

Know what they say about a 50th birthday? They say 50 is the old age of youth…and the youth of old age.

No matter what you say about a fiftieth birthday, we can all agree that it’s a big occasion in anyone’s life. For a spouse, a child, a parent, a dear friend or anyone, be sure to mark the occasion in a way that befits its importance – with an original 50th birthday poem from Poems To Go. Order yours.

Dear Amy, "Thank you for the poem. I look forward to reciting it this weekend. You are so talented and it's great that you can turn it to blessing to people all around the world." Sincerely, Amy Be sure to check out our testimonial page now.

We’ll give you a birthday poem that’s filled with humor, grace, eloquence and heart. And best of all, you know your poem will be an utter original – because we base it all on input that you provide in our quick, easy custom questionnaire. Why give them an off-the-rack greeting card when you can give them a one-in-a-million poem written just for them…and just from you?

It’s as easy as this: Just place your order and we’ll send your questionnaire right away. Please fill it out and then email it back to us. We’ll return your poem to you within 5 business days.

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Dear Amy,
Ali's 50th came and the big day was marvelous. Not only did the surprise work, but she was floored by the poem I read to her. I'll never forget her laughter and her tears of joy. I'll be in touch again. You can be sure of that.
Carl W., Surprise, AZ

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A sampling from a 50th Birthday Poem.

Dear Darwin,

I know your birthday’s tomorrow
But that wouldn’t have been a surprise,
I wished you’ d have seen the look on your face
And how wide you opened your eyes!

Everyone who’s gathered here
For this 50th celebration,
Is proud to say they know you,
Whether friend or close relation.

A wonderful husband, a caring Dad,
Trusted at CEC,
Not a man who’s head would be turned
By a 50” plasma TV.

It’s 12 happy years since you held my hand
As our love we both declared,
I thank you now for the joy you bring,
For the moments we have shared.

Asking me out on our first ever date,
You stood up straight and tall,
Announcing with all the charm in the world,
‘You look bigger than I recall’.

Running outside when Maxine was born
To elatedly scream at the world,
If you listen real hard you can still make out
The echo of “It’s a girl!!”

Anthony’s birth was a quieter affair
But no less a moment of joy,
I still remember the tears you cried
When you heard we were blessed with a boy.

You make people happy in so many ways,
If they need you then help will ensue,
Always aware of what we all need,
Like weekends away at ‘Lalu’!

Stamps and Santana, movies and golf,
Your interests are broad and eclectic,
Taking your time in all that you do,
Never appearing impatient or hectic.

A well-travelled man, Bangkok to San Fran,
Where to go when there’s nothing to do?
It’s already planned, a place in Thailand
And a big bowl of Pad See Ewe!

No-one can see the kingdom of God
Without being born again,
The goodness, faith and love in your heart,
Ensures you’re one of those men.

My own lucky stars are thanked every day,
My blessings I constantly count,
For a man who provides an abundance of love
In ever-increasing amounts.

I look at you Darwin, 50 years young,
With happiness, love and pride,
And whatever adventures the next 50 bring,
We’ll share them all, side by side.

Congratulations and happy birthday,

Your loving wife,