Original 50th Birthday Poems

Know what they say about a 50th birthday? They say 50 is the old age of youth…and the youth of old age.

No matter what you say about a fiftieth birthday, we can all agree that it’s a big occasion in anyone’s life. For a spouse, a child, a parent, a dear friend or anyone, be sure to mark the occasion in a way that befits its importance – with an original 50th birthday poem from Poems To Go. Order yours.

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We’ll give you a birthday poem that’s filled with humor, grace, eloquence and heart. And best of all, you know your poem will be an utter original – because we base it all on input that you provide in our quick, easy custom questionnaire. Why give them an off-the-rack greeting card when you can give them a one-in-a-million poem written just for them…and just from you?

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Dear Amy,
Ali's 50th came and the big day was marvelous. Not only did the surprise work, but she was floored by the poem I read to her. I'll never forget her laughter and her tears of joy. I'll be in touch again. You can be sure of that.
Carl W., Surprise, AZ

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A sampling from a 50th Birthday Poem.

Here’s to Sammy Turner
Let all the songs be sung.
‘Cause on this hallowed day,
Our “Ba” is 50 years young!

Yes, “Ba” is what I call him.
That’s his name, you know.
“Course I’m “Ba” like he is,
That’s how these things can go.

Even in my e-mails,
The ones he gets to see,
I sign them “Other Ba.”
Or, in short, just this: “OB.”

When I get to his house,
From outside, I’ll yell, “Ba!”
He’ll yell “Ba!” right back,
Like our “Call of the Wild,” ha ha!

Been married to Robert since ’08,
And they’re just extraordinaire.
A loving, laughing, heartfelt couple,
With boundless style and fun and flair.

I was twenty-something when we met,
The crazy times we had.
Nights at Elwood and Nevermind,
The laughter’d drive you mad.

When Sam became the office manager,
At our pub number one,
My bar tab was always mysteriously low;
I tell you – he’s so much fun!

He’s also looking out for me,
In every single way.
Introduced me to my future ex-husband.
Thanks, Ba. What can I say?

Our times out there at ol’ Wreck Beach,
Can’t be misconstrued.
So young we were…and beautiful…
And forever in the nude.

Sam and Rob are adventurers,
Globetrotters, for sure.
Our times together in China,
Live on forevermore.

Drinking beer in Tuk Tuks,
Through paddies filled with rice.
Going to Karaoke in pajamas,
Is extra comfy and nice.

Two golden weeks in Koh Samui,
Drinking and laughing ’til we’d bust,
Dave speaking in that German accent.
Have you heard it? Ja! You must.

Playing “Clean and Dirty,”
A game that’s good all day.
Dave’s dirty box — go wash it!
Il remind him…if I may.

He’s rarely without a cocktail,
And, since China, the pink dress…
I think that garment met its fate,
But who here DIDN’T wear it? Confess!

He loves his wigs and hats,
He’s the world’s greatest host.
In cooking and mixing drinks,
He truly is the most.

His “Hello Kitty” Cosmos,
And his Caesars are divine.
I smuggled Clamato juice into China,
So “Ba” could drink real fine.

He sings Mariah Carey,
Loves Luba when preparing meals.
He quaffs white win by the biggest box,
And his “Dub-Dubs” are real deals.

He films our dance moves, Rob and I,
He’s a family guy, for sure.
He’s generous, patient, loyal,
And my best friend forevermore.

He’s driven to succeed…and does,
He’s always, always fun.
When you’re lucky enough to be with him,
You’re in company bright as the sun.

So “Ba,” with all my heart,
I say you sparkle like stars above.
Have the happiest birthday ever,
With all my heart, and forever love.