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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

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'Dear Amy, WOW, I absolutely love the poem you wrote. You have saved me so much time and the crowd is going to love it! Thanks again, You do great work.' Sincerely, Nichon Jakuszewski


'Dear Amy, Thank you so very much for the 50th anniversary poem you created for my in-laws. At the Anniversary dinner in Niagara Falls, nine of the grandkids each got up and read a part of the poem. It was a heartfelt and lovingly meaningful tribute that will remain a highlight for them for many years to come.' Sincerely, Michele Ard



'Hi Amy, I wanted to let you know my grandparents got their poem and they LOVED it! My grandmother was all giddy-laughing when she read it. My grandfather loved it too. They said that you were very talented to do this. Thanks again! I really appreciate everything. Everybody thinks your poems are WONDERFUL . Sincerely, Hilary Taylor


'Dear Amy: It's been raining all day, but not for me. Your poem has kept me "dry" and very warm. I can't wait to deliver it to Bob! Thank you for your initial quick response, for your patience in reading all my "stuff", and for your willingness to revise a few stanzas because of a foolish omission on my part. I am so happy to have found your site! Thanks again Amy, You're very special, Angie


'Dear Amy, Words can't describe how fabulous your bar mitzvah candlelighting poem was! The guests were so delighted with it that everybody came up to me and said 'Where did you find her? She's amazing.' Even my bat mitzvah daughter and her friends were in tears of joy as each of them was called up to light their own candle. I can't thank you enough for a job so well done! We'll be back soon for the next occasion.' Sincerely, Sylvia, Boston, MA.