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Funny Birthday Poems

Everybody loves a birthday party. Now, and whenever you plan your next one, be sure to start all the fun right at the very beginning - with a silly verse sure to bring a smile to everybody's face. Our birthday poems are full of your fun stories, which you will provide to us on your questionnaire. Tell us all about him, what makes him tick, funny stories about him. We'll do the rest and write something festive, fun and absolutely sure to make you laugh.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Funny Birthday Poems - An Example

Happy birthday, Doc,
Happy birthday, Dad
You’re a great OB-GYN
And the best father a girl ever had.

It’s hard to note that time does fly,
So far and fast, it’s clear;
Who could believe that dad
Is set to celebrate his 60th year?

Specially now because he’s better
Than ever, if you please;
With a brand new back from surgery
And two factory-fresh knees!

Dad cut a figure looking
Like a movie star, it’s true.
A South African Robert Redford
Who never missed his cue.

He’s quite the public speaker,
The star of social fests.
They love to hear his voice,
So glib – his speeches are the best.

Dad met mom in College,
U of Capetown, ’65.
And ever since they’ve been as one
The happiest duo alive!

From those early days in Observatory,
To Transkei and right back.
We’ve had our fun, life in the sun,
And that’s a happy fact.

In ’76 to England
For one year, can’t you see?
It turned so great we stayed on late,
And one year spread to three.

We boated on England’s grand canals,
And camped across the isles.
Scotland was a real hoot’ mon!
Our family was all smiles.

Then back to good old Capetown,
Dad’s in practice there,
He does his deliveries, bringin’ life,
While for mom, a remodeling flair.

Their home for twenty years now
Is lovely Dilston Lodge,
Where mom – when it comes to renovations
Is anything but a stodge.

She’s big in renting and house sales
And a success in every way.
Of course, to keep up on the books
Dad "works another day."

Meanwhile dad is a master of neatness,
He’ll straighten up to the extra mile.
While mom’s approach is something else,
For her, it’s "file by pile."

And dad is sad for distances
That keeps us so apart.
If Mohammed won’t go to the mountain,
Then the mountain better get a head start.

Now dad is really into golf,
He’s got, you see, great drive.
He loves life on those gorgeous links
It makes him feel…so alive!

So dad, on this, your birthday,
Just know I think you’re fine.
And like a crazy diamond,
I hope you’ll keep the shine.

‘Cause all the world is lovely,
And like a piano, grand.
But it’s best of all, you know it,
To have you and mom close at hand.

So all my wishes to you
With birthday love for the ages.
Dad, you’re truly nature’s nobleman,
And one of the planet’s sages.