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On Father's Day, make sure you remember Dad in a heartfelt way. All the things he's done for you deserve some love back from you. So nothing says it better than an original verse from Poems To Go today!

Look at this fun example of a Father's Day verse I created. Dear Amy, Oh,What a beautiful poem you created for my Dad. It's make a super gift to give Alan. He's going to love it! Thanks so much, Michelle

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Father's Day Poem - Example

Dear Alan,

Dearest Alan Trumbell,
Husband and Daddy great.
We just want you to know
That you really, truly rate.

We love you very much,
And appreciate all you are.
At work you're a true champion,
At home you are a star!

This Father's Day wish is part
Of how we show our truest feelings.
Because when it comes to you
Our affection knows no kind of ceilings.

You're up so bright and early,
At five-thirty every day.
Off to work for all of us,
Dear Alan, that's your way.

For me the best time always
Is nighttime at around seven.
That's when you're back home again,
For our boys that time is heaven.

You're hot for one hot model,
Abi Tittmus is her name.
You dream that you're Brad Pitt,
And you know? I dare to dream the same!

'Course lately you've developed
Another talent if you will.
You're learning how to break more wind,
Ain't that a bitter pill!

You bundle with the kids
And with our Robert, play muscle man.
You think that you're a rock star,
Well, you're NOT - - but I'm still your fan.

You are just the sweetest,
Most adoring man alive.
Did you know that once, as a boy
You watered my plants - with my Channel No. 5?

Your favorite food is Chinese,
You're great at racquet sports.
Go to Soccer Tots on Sundays,
And drink your pints -- and quarts.

Watching comedy with you
Is always a great laugh.
Our time together is never enough,
Can I petition for time and a half?

Dear Alan, sweet husband,
Loving Father, dear old Dad.
Just know your family adores you,
In fact, we love you mad.

And on this Father's Day darling,
Our wishes are just for you.
A long and happy life dear,
With lots more laughter, too.