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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Baby Shower Poem - An Example

I dedicate this poem
To my unborn baby niece
In one short month you'll get to meet
Your favorite aunt Denise.

At 8 months old his little one
Has got something to say
All the kicking and moving around in there
She seems ready for her birthday.

My role as aunt is quite unique
I don't fully have the reins
I'll leave disciplining to my sis
As for me, the fun remains!

Now I know her mommy has plans too
But as her aunt I get some say
I can see us strolling through Central Park
Brunch every other Sunday.

The girl in me wants to relive
My childhood from years past
Heart to heart convos, gossiping about boys
We're going to have a blast.

Her physical traits are forming
Yet remain a mystery
My sister's mouth, her daddy's height
Hair that's blonde and curly?

When you think about the many firsts
A new life has to face
She'll need her mom and aunts alike
To help her find her place.

First day at school, making new friends
One day she'll have a first kiss
Accepted to college, landing a job
Can't wait to be part of all this!

Not only is a baby girl
A blessing on its own
She's also the first Sanchez grand kid
For that she'll always be known.

I also know how much it means
To my sister and brother-in-law
When they shared the news of her pregnancy
It was tears of joy I saw.

Some day when I have children
They will all look up to you
A role model for your cousins
There's so much to look forward to.

As the daughter of my sister
You're already so special to me
If you're ever in need of advice or a talk
You can always count on your Auntie.

So baby girl I'll see you soon
I have been here since day one
Can't wait for you to enter this world
And for the great memories to come.



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