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Candle Lighting Poems

Candle Lighting Poems

Is it bar/bat mitzvah time? For many years, we have been helping families celebrate their children's bar and bat mitzvahs with original candle lighting poems and speeches. We can't wait to write for you.

Each is simply beautiful. Read what my customers say.

Dear Amy, "I am so delighted with this beautiful candle lighting poem you created for our family. This will definitely be one of the highlights of the night. Thank you so much for getting all the family information we sent into your poem in such a delightful way. We are thrilled and wanted to say 'thank you' again. Sincerely, Ruth Cohen

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Candle Lighting Poems - An Example

Today is my Bat Mitzvah,
A day of warmth and heart.
I'm thrilled you're here to share it,
You all play a major part.

Friends and family from everywhere,
So many different places.
But I don't need a map,
I see it in your shining faces.

This event I'll surely remember,
For each and all my days.
I don't think the memory will tarnish,
O will ever cease to amaze.

I'd like to call some people,
Truly special ones to me.
Please come and light a candle,
For everyone to see.

First a memory candle,
In my grandfather Leo's name.
His heart and humor were remarkable,
Dad would time and again proclaim.

Grammy you're so thoughtful,
We have such fun when we're cooking.
I adore the afghan you knit for me,
So comfy and great looking!

Nana, you're so wonderful,
My soccer games you always attend.
And you're great at coercing mom
To buy me things -- never end!

Zayda drives me to and from school,
Knows the crossing guards quite well.
Takes me to Friendly's for ice cream,
I love him this much, can you tell?

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Bryan,
It's great to spend holidays with you.
Lisa always fusses with my hair,
And she calls me "Allikins," too.

Now, Aunt Lisa Goldman,
Your e-mails are the best.
You always listen when I play oboe,
Thanks, and be my guest!

Auntie Lynn and Uncle David,
I loved staying with you guys.
Going shopping with Auntie Lynn
Is really like taking the prize.

My cousins, Michael, Amy and Matthew,
The Jewish holidays are always fun.
We hang out, laugh and share good times,
That sparkle like the sun.

Cousins Cindy and Steve,
We have a riot at Camp Goldman every time.
Getting spoiled by Nana and Zayda,
And hunting crabs can be sublime.

Aunt Sylvia and Cousin Betsy,
I love to visit you in the store.
It's so great you came up from Florida,
Who could ask for anything more?

To all my Berkshire friends,
You guys are truly great.
Movies, music, school and stuff,
You're all just…well…first rate.

Now, my big brother, Gerry,
I have to admit, he's cool.
Helps me with my homework,
Swims with me in our pool.

He fixes the computer when it's down,
Hits a golf ball far.
My brother is a really good guy, for sure,
Always way above par.

And finally, mom and dad,
Who support me in all I do.
Encourage me in soccer,
Take me zip lining, too.

You're just the greatest parents,
Don't know what more I can say.
Except a heartfelt thank you,
And all my love in every way.

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