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Bridal Toasts

There are all kinds of wedding toasts, from a bride's toast to the groom to rehearsal dinner toasts to a sentimental toast from the maid of honor. They are all an important part of the wedding. Whatever type of toast you desire, turn to PoemsToGo.

"Just a word of thanks such a beautiful wedding poem for my sister and family. I really love it and know it will be a marvelous addition to the upcoming day. Thanks so much, Kate and family"

I based my poems on your own information. Upon receipt of your order, you will receive a special questionnaire. Please fill it out and email it back to me. This will help create your poem.

My poems are 15 stanzas long and last just about a minute in length. Your wedding questionnaire will follow in your email box. Please tell me some favorite characteristics of the bride and groom, along with some of your favorite stories. These will be incorporated into your poem

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Bridal Toast - An Example

Dear Chris and Jared,

We've gathered here to offer cheers
(And gifts from Dillards and Sony)
To Chris and Jared, for today
They'll join in matrimony.

They just emerged from UT
The place where they first met,
And decided to get wed real quick
To put us more in debt!

Jared charmed us from the start
That day he left his mate
In favor of his Granny Jean
Whom he owed a birthday date.

But though he seemed to really be
A great and lucky catch
Would he be that perfect man
Who'd be her perfect match?

Our Chris is very artsy,
Her skill has always shone,
Like the pictures of her feet
Upon a porcelain throne.

She'll quote you fifty movie lines
To help you get her gist
Then clue you in on every show
Of Friends you may have missed.

She's funny, smart, and beautiful
And full of these great quirks
And Jared is that perfect man
To make their union work.

Certainly they're meant to be
Since he's the only guy
Who could ever stop our Chris
From always asking "Why?"

A real-life whiz with numbers
His calculations will amuse
'Till you play him in Monopoly
It figures he can't lose!

He schools us when we're bowling
Much to our chagrin
At least at golf he'll sometimes let
Joe have a win.

Spending time with family
Is special to them both
A common love to serve them well
As they start one with this oath.

Like roller coasters that Chris loves
Life has its ups and downs
But we all know she'll be just fine
Since he will be around.

Your love for one another
Is powerful and true
And always know that if need be
That we'll be there for you.

So let's all raise our glasses,
As the violin plays its strains,
And toast to our sweet couple:
Mr. and Mrs. Haynes!


Mom, Dad and Kate

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