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At many bar and bat mitzvahs, it's customary for the parent of the bar mitzvah boy to stand before all attendees and say a few words to honor and commemorate the occasion.

The speech is usually anywhere from three to five minutes in length. The tone can be light, sentimental or a combination of all. Read this "Dear Amy, I absolutely love the bar mitzvah speech you created for me. It's PERFECT! Very truly yours, Lori"

Your speech will mix humor with tenderness, nostalgia with a glimpse at a bright future for the boy who, on this special day, has, by Jewish law, become a man. A bar mitzvah speech from parents (the speech can be delivered by a mother as well as by a father) is often a highlight of that very special day.

Writing a speech for the bar mitzvah can be challenging. Poems-To-Go can offer you the skills of our dedicated, experienced, professional writers who, working from information that you provide, can craft a bar or bat mitzvah speech that touches on all the points you wish to make. In addition, we can touch funny bones as well as hearts.


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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

A Parent Bar Mitzvah Speech Sample

This is a wonderful day for the Barron family -- in so many ways.

Ivy's big brother, Dana, is a bar mitzvah. And that means, for David and myself, our son Dana, today, is a man -- according to Jewish law.

I have all kinds of special feelings for Dana on this day - and all kinds of special bonds between us are reinforced with beautiful, enduring emotion. Dana's bar mitzvah, and all the meaning and commitment it took to achieve it, inspired me in my own personal transition. In fact, it was one of the central reasons -- without any question -- for my conversion to Judaism just one year ago.

And then there's the whole family thing that's such a big part of a bar mitzvah day, too. Our family is always close and very affectionate. Dana embodies all that in so many ways. By being a wonderful son. And being a sweet big brother to Ivy. Even with all the sibling stuff -- that happens, over time, with all brothers and sisters -- these two are very close, and it’s a joy for both David and myself.

I said before that a bar mitzvah is the onset of one's manhood. Yes, it's true. But I have to confess something at the same time: While Dana is indeed a man today, he will ALWAYS be my baby. Always.

Best of all, he'll always be Dana -- which is surely a great thing. That means someone who's boundlessly sweet and affectionate. Funny, fun-loving, intelligent and imbued with a magnetic personality. Dana always keeps us laughing. And he does the same with his friends -- of whom he has so many. He's honest, loving, wants to please…and he's an altogether joy to be around. We're thrilled to have such a son. We're lucky to have such a son.

Dana is also the possessor of a steel-will. When he puts his mind to something, there is no holding him back. His diligence, his tenacity, his spirit is so evident in his work hard, play hard, study hard, laugh hard attitude toward life.

He's a writer extraordinaire, a guitar player, a music lover and a video game fanatic. He's crazy about his dog, Zeroe, and when it comes to sushi, he really loves to "devour the flesh," as he often says about his favorite food. His passion and enthusiasm are evident as ever -- at mealtime, at any time.

He's marvelously entertaining in all kinds of ways -- including the creation of his very own language. Dana, in your own dialect, I'll say this from the bottom of my heart: You "pwoan." And you ROCK!

Dearest Dana, you are truly a bright spot in this world and from this day forth, from your very first day as a man according to our faith, may you enjoy a life of abundant pleasure, peace, good health, laughter, accomplishment and, by all means, love. Thank you, Dana, for being the young man you are…and for all that you mean to us.



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