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Customized Bar Mitzvah Poems

Mazel Tov to your and your family! As you are preparing for the festivities, perhaps you are in need of some special words to say. Whether for a bar or bat mitzvah or words from the child himself, a customized candle lighting poem from PoemsToGo is the only way to go!

Dear Amy, "What an outstanding bar mitzvah poem! What talent! Thank you writing this for me in such short order. Sincerely, Don"

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Bar Mitzvah Poem - An Example

Dear Nate,

Our son, Nate, it's true,
He's a man today.
On the occasion of his bar mitzvah,
We salute him in every way.

Nate took his haftorah lessons to heart,
Practiced way ahead
One night while checking up on him,
He was doing his prayers in bed.

It's true, under the covers,
An iPod to his ear.
"He's got that crazy music on,"
I said with a father's fear.

But it was his liturgy,
That Nate was listening to.
He's just like that in all kinds of ways,
He'll do whatever he has to do.

Nate's truly independent,
Headstrong is his way.
Not a follower at all,
Blazing trails every day.

A fine brother to his sister, Emily,
A boy scout extraordinaire,
Earned 6 merit badges this summer,
A scout with special flair!

So musically inclined,
Plays piano, guitar and bass.
Now's he's composing, too,
Works at a feverish pace.

He's truly a techno wiz,
Knows electronics cold.
Teaches PC to Grandma Norma,
He's really good as gold.

At school, his favorite subjects
Are science, yes, and math.
He loves computer games
He's on a righteous techno-path.

Duels over all his math problems,
With his mentor, Grandpa Lee.
They way they challenge each other
Is such a joy to see.

Tall, in shape, athletic,
A sportsman in his soul.
Recently celebrated
Scoring his first soccer goal.

He plans to be an architect,
Or perhaps a Wall Street wiz.
We're confident Nate will succeed,
In any course of biz.

He sno-mobiles with Uncle Keith,
Boats with uncle Bill.
Loves his dear Aunt Wendy,
And fun? He has his fill.

Wears with pride a tallit,
Worn way back by Grandpa Lee.
This prayer shawl's a family tradition,
And a joy for all to see.

Nate is just a real good guy,
A man today, for sure.
We wish you all the best, dear son,
It's yours forever more.

And thanks to all who joined us,
On this most special day.
Your presence here, it truly
Inspires in every way!



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